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Blast of the Dragon's Fury by L.R.W. Lee
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May 10, 2013

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I received a copy of this book in MOBI format from the author for the purposes of a review. With that in mind, I presume I got the latest and greatest copy of the book, etc.

First, let me say I absolutely love the story. I love the characters Lee has created, how they parallel to the "real world" and the challenges and struggles each faces. I am also a fan of the lessons to be learned by the readers, knowing this book is targeted for middle grade readers (5th to 7th grade, I would presume). I absolutely cannot wait for the next book in the series, as I have to know what Andy does next!

That said, why did this book get three stars? Pure and simple: the writing. Or more specifically, the lack of editing. I'm not talking about simple misspellings and such that Word or a cursory glance by someone other than the author would catch. I'm writing about actual incorrect word choice. Considering this is aimed at middle readers who are just starting to broaden their reading horizons into more complex books, that can be an issue. Why would we want them to learn incorrect usage of words and then apply it in their writing, only to get marked down for it?

Some examples:

1) Most annoying was the use of the word Pegasus, especially in the plural form. What is the plural of Pegasus, since there was only one in mythology? Some believe it to be Pegasuses, others Pegasi. Regardless, the author consisently used either Pegasus' or Pegasus's as a plural tense. The apostrophe makes it possessive, not plural.

2) If you have someone follow you somewhere, you have "led" them there. Unfortunately, the word "lead" is used in a past tense form, when it is not such. You don't say "I lead him to the stables" in a past tense.

3) "Calvary" is where the Bible says Christ was crucified. "Cavalry" means mounted soldiers. Throughout the book, the author uses the former instead of the latter.

4) Multiple times "waived" is used when using the hand to get someone's attention, instead of "waved". To add to the confusion, "waved" is also used sometimes.

5) You "tousle" someone's hair, not "tossel" it. The latter has a completely different meaning, especially in slang context.

6) Inconsistently, the author uses both "Governor" and "Govenor".

7) "Triton" is the son of Poseidon and one of the moons of Neptune, but a "trident" is the forked weapon the god of the sea used. Unfortunately, the former was used in place of the latter in the story.

8) Multiple times, the author used "peak" when referring to someone looking at something instead of "peek".

9) Also frustrating was the inconsistent speech of Mermin, who sometimes sounded like Elmer Fudd when speaking of fire-breathing "dwagons", while other times pronouncing his "r" correctly, even in the same sentence. I get the humor aspect of the speech, but there needs to be consistency.

As I said, I absolutely love where Lee is going with this series, and I will absolutely be reading any future offerings. But if I am to be satisfied with the series being targeted at middle grade students, the writing has got to be cleaned up. Our youth already face issues with the pervasiveness of textese, we don't need to exacerbate their learning.
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Sandra I was in agreement with your review all the way up to your second to the last sentence, "gotten to be" .....really?

Bert Edens We all make typos at times :-)

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