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Frisk by Dennis Cooper
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Jun 25, 2009

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Read in February, 2009

Sadomasochistic gay snuff was nothing new at that time. But Frisk has something to introduce here, something nor overrated neither underrated. And I gave it three stars for the sake of it. What's good about it, it never tends to deliver a grandeur orgy to take a pleasure in (Marquis de Sade :D), but stimulates your creative cells, shifting from loathe to love to flat (isn't it basic, when you imagine a kind of violence that somehow get you purged, a moment later you get excited and the same time you would want to be withdrawn. Like booze?).

Disturbing, yes. Because I couldn't stop read (in discomfort). I read page around 90-100 with eyes closed. Sick, Dennis created a mental world where the idea of sexual death is religious.

Don't push it too philosophical, since it's more about youth culture and its demand for consuming anything, it's relevant to the zeitgeist: dirty obsession, vodka, drugs, punk, rock and roll (mentioned Eno and Peter Gabriel. I lolled.), hustler, cute boys etc etc. This would really move the young popular cultists of 90's who adore the lifestyle, and honestly, I enjoyed the trashiness.

If Bret Easton Ellis has the way Patrick Bateman narrates in cinematic terms like a director, with Frisk, Dennis would be a screenplay writer. Because it's written like one, only with a raw, blatant narrative. It forces you to see what the narrator does. Well, like Chuck Palahniuk a decade back. For those who didn't get the satire, it's at the beautiful ending. Yep, blank fiction is just it if you ain't crank.

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