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Feb 08, 16

it was amazing
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'Nathan Burgoine Ruined My Weekend

So Saturdays and Sundays are kind of sacred to me. My workweek is filled with high demands and equally high expectations. It’s enough to make me cast a grateful prayer to the heavens and beat a fast retreat home when Friday night rolls around.

Weekends are a time with my partner and taking our dogs on long walks to make up for the short ones we cram in during the week. They’re time with friends. They’re time to use my bike for something other than commuting back and forth to work. They’re time to catch up on the shameful number of shows crowding our DVR each fall when the new season starts.

However, this particular Saturday morning, I started reading 'Nathan Burgoine’s LIGHT. I expected to begin it during the weekend and read it over the next week or so when I had time, a chapter before bed or in the morning while I drank my coffee. But Mr. Burgoine had other ideas.

Before I knew it, I was immersed in his world of psychokinesis & telepathy and couldn’t seem to pull myself away. Every few hours I kept making excuses to sneak off and read another chapter or two, or three…

His first person narrative was so engaging, so delightfully charming that I couldn’t seem to wipe a stupid grin off my face. Sometimes I even heard someone in the room bark out a laugh, only to realize a moment later it was me. Kieran is exactly the kind of guy you want to have superpowers. He’s self-effacing, sweet, and just geeky enough to make his powers cool. Like Spiderman-Cool.

He’s pitted against a gay man’s nightmare, a bible-thumping evangelist nicknamed Stigmatic Jack. It’s Pride Week in Ottawa, and Stigmatic Jack has brought his flock to town to show the out and proud gay population the evil of their ways. Things go from bad to worse when Kieran realizes Stigmatic Jack has telekinetic powers of his own. Each time Kieran battles his nemesis the stakes get higher, the battles larger, and the descriptions richer – so much so that in the final confrontation I swear I could hear the shattered glass tinkle as it hit the street. Seriously, the climax of this book would be so cool on the big screen, and as origin stories go, this one is pretty dang awesome.

But the wonderful thing about Burgoine’s writing is that the characters and their relationships aren’t sacrificed for the plot and the action. He spends the time getting to know Kieran, his brother, his best friend, his potential love interest(s), and a blind date that keeps showing up in all the wrong places. I genuinely cared for these people and was cheering for them the entire way through the book.

This year I’ve been following 'Nathan’s Short Stories 365 Blog on Red Room (if you haven’t checked it out, I recommend you do so – if your wallet can afford it, that is). In his blog he’s mentioned how comfortable he is with short fiction and what a departure writing something the length of LIGHT was for him. If that’s so, I certainly couldn’t tell. While I’ve always enjoyed his short stories, I felt like this gave his talents even more of an opportunity to shine. The subtlety and innuendo he had the time to develop, the running jokes and wonderful insights he nurtured – well, let’s just say they scored him more than a couple of points.

So it’s Sunday evening, 'Nathan. Tomorrow the work week begins, and all I can say is, “Thanks.” Thanks for the cold shoulders I’m getting from my dogs (no ‘friend, friend, play?’ here). Thanks for the dust collecting on my bike. Thanks for the questions from my partner, worried why I’ve been off by myself so much this weekend. And thanks for the groaning of my DVR, which I fear may explode at any minute.

It was totally worth it.
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Nathan Burgoine I don't think "thank you" can possible cover it, but thank you. Seriously. I just had a wonderful week off from work, and the thought of heading back tomorrow was definitely not on my top-ten, but at least now I've got a major spring in my step. :)

message 2: by Nathan (last edited Oct 06, 2013 07:24PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nathan Sims :) Spring away. You've earned it.

message 3: by Ellen W-S (new) - added it

Ellen W-S two Nathan's??? who woulda thunk ? great review!

message 4: by Anna (new) - added it

Anna Goerlitz You made me want him to ruin my weekend too!

Nathan Sims Watch out, Anna. That 'Nathan Burgoine is a dangerous one.

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