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Girl Got Game, Vol. 1 by Shizuru Seino
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Jun 23, 2009

really liked it
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Read in October, 2011

I read and re-read this series, especially when I want something really cute (without being chibi).

If you haven't read the back cover, its a simple gender-bender about a girl who is somewhat forced to dress up as a guy to play basketball. She ends up rooming with the cute star forward, and clearly, they are meant for each other. Its not really a complicated story. We've all read, heard, watched many version of this same concept.

My biggest problem with this book is how quickly Aizawa falls for Chiharu. Seriously, we have 10 books to develop the love story, so why finish the first half in the first book?

Anyway, I still like this series and I can recommend it to anyone.

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Nafiza There's another manga by this mangaka that I seriously love. Love Attack. Try that out. I found it a bit better than this one.

Nisha I love 'Love Attack', unfortunately they stopped publishing it past volume 6. It's tragic how I have to end my collection so abruptly. I like Love Attack more than Girl Got Game, but somehow, I'm in the mood for this series. Have you read Heaven, but the same mangaka?

Nafiza I'm hoping someone will pick up the scanlation. :\ Yeah, I've read a bit of Heaven but I don't think I've completed it. It seems to be signature Seino Shizuru.

Nisha *crosses fingers* me too. Heaven is really cute and the story has a little bit of a twist on who she ends up with. Well, at least it was a twist to me.

Nafiza Ha, I shall look for it. Do you read Gakuen Alice? It's so weird how addictive it is.

Nisha I sorta started it when it was first scanalated, but I haven't been following up on any of my manga recently. I should, but I don't have that much time anymore.

Nafiza I know how that feels. The only one I keep up with is Skip Beat simply because it releases one chapter a month. Or so. :\

Nisha Skip Beat's my favorite series, but I haven't followed up on it either. And I call myself a devoted fan.

Nafiza I think it's better if you read it in one whole gulp. The waiting is killing me.

Nisha The chapters are too short, or have strategically placed cliffhangers.

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