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The Secret Lives of Fortunate Wives by Sarah Strohmeyer
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Jun 22, 2009

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The main theme of this book is whether or not one should disregard their morals inorder ti fit into a social norm. However, the social norm of this book, is not the regular nor that we have in a normal society where the range of income amongest the people, vary. In this book all the women in this community have husbands who are CEOs, surgeons and other extremely well off business men. And their way of life is living by the rule that rules are meant to be broken. But when a newly married women moves into this type of lifestyle, she finds it hard to cope with because of the differences in her upbringing. being brought up in a cose knit family, she hated seeing wives cheating on husbands and vis versa. She also hated seeing children being disregarded even when a big mistake was made. But following pursuit is the only way to fit in. After reading this book, i had a discussion with my cousin about what we would do in her situation and we all agreed that i was to morally bound to follow in their footsteps. And he swore that it would be the downfall of me.

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