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Be Sure Your Drink Isn't Poisoned by Mark H. Stevens
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Jun 22, 2009

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The author had a moving and dreadful experience of unloading dead bodies off the C-5/A air crafts, what a stench! In our spiritual walk, there are dead spirits of witchcraft, deceitfulness, and trusting every spirit instead of testing the spirits. Charles refers to them as the epidemic of "spiritually stupid saints", that the Bible calls them "lukewarm Christians" who want to be of the world and say they love Christ. They also do not study the Bible for themselves and willing to try every spirit {stating they are spiritual, not religious person}. Do we have the ability of discernment to test the spirits?

Charles also gives a great example of King Saul who never gave his heart completely over to God. He was noted as a follower of God (knew of Him), but never surrendered his life over to God (his heart, mind, soul, and will {strength or might} over to God). Most of us fall into this category, remember half of the battle is to surrender all I/we have.

We are "Self-filled" people, who only want to do the will for self. It is hard for us to believe when someone speaks "God's will" in our life, as the author brilliantly illustrates in the first chapter with Saul. Do we listen to the instructions of God? Moreover, we are also living by our fleshly desires instead of the "perfect" will of God.

He speaks on "false prophets" in the sense of financial gain instead of speaking to their flock for spiritual insight and being in God's perfect will. Is this the false prophets only mission--seek MONEY? There are also false prophets to seek out the lost, and even convince believers to turn from God as they did in ancient history such as Egyptians to make Israelites loose all faith and hope in the one and true God to set them free from bondage. {I am not a pastor, theologian, yet I am a person who studies, researches, and reads the Bible...God has me on a mission to write nonfiction spiritual books}

In some passages, he should not only show reference from biblical scriptures, but explanation or experiences {examples} to those who are not familiar with them. This would make it an easier read. The primary focus is "witchcraft" and think another title would have been better for this concept. Entitled: False Prophets Poison the Flock (too powerful) or False Prophets Witchcraft Exposed in God's House.

He points out pastors and congregation is saturated with worldly views in watered-down preaching, not sound doctrine teaching. More importantly, if the prophets or preachers speak on controversial topics in the Bible, they will loose their populated-following and affect their substantial {six-figure plus} income.

I briefly speak on demonic spirits, Wicca, witchcraft, and so forth in my upcoming book: Unleashing the Spirit, Volume 1 and 2.
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message 1: by Rozonda (new)

Rozonda If you keep believing Wicca is demonic, then it's you who have a serious problem of misinformation.
Believe what you will, but don't offend people of other religions to support yours.

Adrienna There is no where in my review states "Wicca is demonic". Where are you getting this! It says demonic spirits (comma) Wicca (comma) which are separate identities.

I take it you have studied Wicca. Inform me. I read the book and reviewed it. No where it says my own personal events. I will review my book later on the matter and see how I speak on it in reference to your comment. I will be coming out with the book "Unleashing the Spirit" soon.


Why God had to Die Thanks for reviewing my book!

Chaplain M.Stevens

Adrienna You are welcome, Chaplain M. Stevens!

Adrienna I received it from AAMBC.

Adrienna Yes. African American on the Move Book Club.

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