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Champion by Marie Lu
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Come to me, darling.


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WARNING: If you like happy endings, you may not want to read this happy ending-bashing review

Almost a year has passed since June Iparis was initiated back into the Republic as one of the new Elector's Princeps-Elect and Day Wing became a part of the Republic's army.

The country is on the brink of war as a new plague outbreak sweeps through the Colonies.
After not speaking or seeing one another since the day they parted ways, June and Day are scheduled to attend a political banquet with the Elector and several other advisers.

In order to form an alliance with Antarctica, the desperate Elector asks June to convince Day to surrender his brother to the Republic's scientific team. If they can find a cure to this new plague in Eden's blood, they can win the war before it has even started.
But asking Day to give up his brother is like taking away the one thing he has left in the world, and June doesn't want to hurt him anymore than he already has been.

Okay, my synopsis writing skills have seriously deteriorated since the beginning of my reading slump.

So, this steaming pile of stereotypical dystopia horse shit is the third in Marie Lu's Legend trilogy.


This series started out so nicely, with compelling characters, engaging plot and storyline albeit with a pretty cliche dystopian concept; plague devastating the lower class, oppressive government, bad scientists, and, of course, lots of guns.
But it was good.

The second book trudged along at a slower pace, following the typical 'second book curse' of being boring and even adding a shaky third person to a love triangle!

And so, Champion started out alright. I loved Elector's character and honestly shipped him with June more than with Day.
Adding another cliche factor, an evil male political villain who threatens male character with the 'can't guarantee your female friend's safety' spiel, and the book started to go downhill.

It was also concerning that, after 115 years, we only have men as our political leaders. What the fuck's up with that? For 115 years, we still don't have any female presidents?
Maybe that's the point though. Since it's a dystopian. All of our leaders are a bunch of white men. That would terrify the shit out of me, honestly.


June was a fairly badass heroine in the first book. Both in the second one and this book, she dissolved into a blushing robot for most of the story. She sort of, but not really, redeemed herself towards the end. (view spoiler)

To be completely honest, I never liked Day as a character. Maybe a little in the first book, but there's just something about him that I find boring and unlikable. It's possible that it's because the 'poor rebel boy falls for rich elitist girl' storyline is getting old.

Tess, Pascao and the other minor characters; like Day, I find these characters to be just blah.

Eden, one of the redeeming characters in this story, proves himself to be smarter and more practical than his older brother.

Elector; description
naughty thoughts, naughty thoughts, naughty thoughts


Good. Decent pacing, kept you mildly interested.

The Ending, aka, Why I Rated This Book 1 Star. SPOILERS


Let me tell you first how I would have ended this book if it were mine.

1. Day would have died.
2. June, heartbroken but pulling through, would have eventually married Anden and become a soldier with Day still in her heart.

Okay, let's review; Day has spent the whole book with a brain virus and is repeatedly told he has only months to live.
Then, in the final battle scene, he is shot twice, in the chest and in the hip.
You'd think, with all that crap, a person would die, right? Especially a gun shot wound to the CHEST, he would die almost immediately, yeah?


Well, this is YA, after all, where splitting up the two original love interests or, god forbid, killing a main character is considered a fucking audacity. (in which John Green maniacally laughs in the distance)

June, crouching by her fallen lover, decides to pray for the first time in her life, begging a higher power to save him and that she'll do anything to keep him.

So, at this point, I was thinking,


Because I knew he was going to live anyway. But I didn't think the reason behind it would be because June started praying.

Let me get this out there before I go into full bitch mode; I don't hate religion. In fact, I think it's great for someone to have faith in something and for it to make them feel better.
What I don't like about religion is when people try to convert you or make it the reason for being stupid or make religion seem like the best thing ever and that it cures everything. It doesn't work like that.

So, this 'miracle', in which after five months of being in a coma, Day is perfectly healthy again.
Because, you know, praying for something to happen immediately fixes everything, even imminent death.


So, Day then wakes up from his coma, and, lo and behold, he has memory loss.
Not even major memory loss, I mean, he loses his memories specifically of her.

Oh, so this is the 'she'd do anything to make him live' part.

Might I remind everybody that this is dystopia, not fantasy. It's almost as if she made a deal with a demon that was all, "Okay, I'll save his ass but he loses his memories of you, lol sorry."




Miss Lu, I think you need to take some advice from George R. R. Martin or Doctor Who. It is okay to kill off main characters.

So, ten years later, after condemning herself to a lifetime of loneliness because god forbid she loves anyone other than her first fucking boyfriend, Day miraculously remembers June and happy ending!


Hey, I have nothing against happy endings. When they're unrealistic, choke religion down your throat, and are just plain fucking stupid, then I hate them.


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59.08% "It's always the third book in a YA trilogy when they do that, isn't it?"
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Faye, la Patata Uh-oh!!!

Tessa Totally agree with what you said. That ending made me cringe. And the book overall was pretty boring. Such a disappointment.

Kathy I just finished the book and I can't even deal right now. But I completely agree with you. I just wished that Day had died and she would have ended up with Anden, it would have been okay if she still loved Day but chose to leave him as someone in her past. Hell I think I might just choose to believe that the sentence about her 25th birthday was the last in the book.

Rozus for you it's happy ending? wow

Kat (Lost in Neverland) Rozus wrote: "for you it's happy ending? wow"

They practically walked off into the sunset holding hands with promises of falling in love again, yes I think that's a pretty damn happy ending.

message 6: by Lina (new)

Lina I also find it rather strange that Day survived. It felt way o constructed, like he had to survive, so there would be a happy ending. And June praying? I thought there are no religions in the Republic, so how would June even know how or to whom to pray to?
It would have made more sense if Day actually died, bacause he is the legend, isn't he? And is this not hte way legends have to go? They fulfill their purpose (save the Republic/the people), then they die a heroic death and people build shirnes etc. for them in order to worship them and their story is passed on from generation to generation blabla...seems like Day wasn't aa legend after all...

Adelle I haven't read the book yet but from your review,I'm will probably agree with u

Helen Hohenheim I don't think the book deserves one star, but I do agree with pretty much everything you wrote xD I believe that uninteresting minor characters might even be the main reason why Marie Lu doesn't have such a "cult" following as other fantasy/dystopian writers (she did only a little better in this aspect in The Young Elites anyway, although it's overall much more complex and original than Legend). And I totally agree that the ending was cheesy as hell. I mean, I've watched my fair share of Latin American telenovelas, but I would really neither expect nor desire a dystopian book to end like one xD (also, I could actually see the amnesia from miles away, but the "only June" twist was even more silly than I predicted). Anyway, Marie's still very young, I expect much better from her in the future.

Valerie omg I will put down anyone who comments negatively on this ending... It's honestly the most perfect, beautiful ending ever and was the best part of the series to me. As it should be. I MEAN HELLO YOU WANT TO REPLACE IT WITH "OH SO DAY WILL JUST DIE AND JUNE WILL JUST BE WITH ANDEN" Do you realize how cliché and predictable that is?!?!! Not to mention stupid... "she will keep day in her heart"... NO. There is nothing between Anden and June they have no chemistry whatsoever.

message 10: by meyra (new) - rated it 1 star

meyra sare This is the best review I've ever read about Champion. I think exactly the same way!

message 11: by Jackie (new)

Jackie Yes I totally agree with this review. I'm not even continuing reading book. I cheated and looked ahead. The amnesia plot is totally cliche and I have a personal hatred for it.

message 12: by Umm.Itz.Jewel (new)

Umm.Itz.Jewel She should have not made Say have that issue with his brain

message 13: by Bethany (new) - added it

Bethany I partially agree but find this review particularly harsh. Yes the amnesia is predictable and I think would be better if he’d woken up with full memory and decided e couldn’t bare the pain June brought. I feel that would t have been more dramatic and and June would struggle to trust herself with anyone ever again. But, the recovery I don’t think is super unrealistic because he was on the verge of death yet he survived because he had the will to live and the new resources is what allowed him to live with his brain struggles otherwise he would have died.

Karina Jaqueline Thank you for wrote EXACTLY my feelings about this book. It's hard to find people who rate this book with less than 4 stars, and your opinion it's just exactly how I'd been feeling for years. THANK YOU!

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