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Romeo's Ex by Lisa Fiedler
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Jun 20, 2009

it was ok

** spoiler alert ** If I could make a noise to describe how this book ended it would be "Bleh". It started out so good! Stuff was going on! Rosaline was an exciting, strong female character! It was a clever tie-in to Romeo and Juliet!

I should have known something was up after the fight scene. Anyone who has read and/or seen Romeo and Juilet knows that Tybalt dies. Romeo kills him! But, no. Fielder just can't seem to let that happen. So, Romeo barely nicks him, and the fall to the ground from fear cracks his skull and gives him brain damage. He's in a coma for a few hours and then he dies.

But wait, it gets worse! Guess what? Romeo and Juiet are both NOT DEAD! No! Rosaline decides that if she gives Romeo this potion the Healer (who happened to be there) randomly had on her that causes Romeo to vomit up all of the poison he just took. And then she decides to perform open-heart surgery (this is 1599) on Juilet! She doesn't though, because "Juilet could never love Romeo with Tybalt's heart."

It is not okay to un-kill Shakespear's charaters!

So, throughout this mess Rosaline falls in love with Benvolio, but then tells him that she won't marry him. STUPID GIRL! Instead, she goes away to a college to study for four years! I didn't even care at the end when she "comes home" to Benvolio. Ugh.

Why, oh why, oh why did this book have to end so terribly? I was absolutely enthralled by the beginning and the middle.

Am I the only one that feels like SHAKESPEAR and SHAKESPEAR (this is who we're dealing with people) should be the only one to "tell you a little bit more about Tybalt and Mercutio"?

Romeo is still dead...always will be.

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