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I received Cold Fusion 2000 from the author as a LibraryThing Giveaway (or First Read, not important which).
Mr Drinkwater included a few typed notes with a handful of alternate passages to replace those in the printed book, which turned out to be of lesser importance to me than to him perhaps.
He also included an envelope marked not to read until after I had finished the novel due to containing FAQs with spoilers, which I dutifully complied with. The contents did turn out to be of great significance though, and he was correct in suggesting that the book is designed to have multiple layers on which it can be enjoyed as a straight read or one which bears greater scrutiny and attention to detail with a number of complex riddles.
Mr Drinkwater has cleverly interwoven an intricate thread around signposts rooted in physics, mathematics, and even neuropsychology, all of which sounds incredibly complicated, and yet, confession time, I missed most of them and may have been blissfully unaware of their existence without those mysterious FAQs.
It's important to state here and now that the knowledge of those signposts changes my enjoyment of the reading experience of the book by about a single iota, though it does afford a wry smile and acknowledgement of the hidden depths of the writing and its structure. It all makes me wonder how much else I miss when I read, so whilst acknowledging the author's intellect I feel faintly humbled, though he could of course have left me in a state of blissful ignorance. Now if Mr Ishiguro could do the same for The Unconsoled I would be eternally grateful.
I also learned something about being in a state of fugue, bolstered by wikipedia, and as far as spoilers goes I will leave it at that.
To be fair to myself, it was clear there was an underlying intricacy behind the storytelling and the general premise had been worked out though I did not feel compelled to analyse or even dig out the specific details, which means the author has achieved his stated aim of the book having a general appeal at an emotional, moral, and motivational level, as well as the scientific.
The writing is wonderfully warm, descriptive, even faintly blokeish so that I constantly called to mind Simon Pegg in the role of the protagonist Alex. I noticed that the style changed regularly, at times rhythmic for which I comfortably settled into a John Cooper Clarkeish narration, perfect for the turn of the century Manchester setting, and at others more straightforward prose, a clue again no doubt.
With a cast of supporting characters which could have been hewn from Mrs Brown's Boys, there are really very few who really matter, namely Alex, Lucy and Jane, and the beautifully portrayed Natalie.
Alex is 30 year old teacher, who as a student fell in love and had his heart broken by his muse Lucy. As so often happens, he becomes bitter and no other woman will either do or is to be completely trusted, and so he floats between his work, paternal home and the pub.
Until that is, Lucy somewhat magically reappears for a rollercoaster three day redemptive ride. Can it be that Alex will never imagine that Lucy is actually twin sister Jane on a mission to right the wrongs of the past before moving on and allowing Alex to do the same, move on that is? The one very minor irritant I had with Cold Fusion 2000 is that there is a lot of moving on to be sought, a lot of elusive happiness to be gained, as if such things are obtained through making peace with the painful past, or perhaps it's through appliance of science?
However, the characters and relationships drawn are very human and tangible, recognisable to anyone who has loved and lost, then drifted through life whilst others seem to have it all.
Equally realistic is the chasing of a muse (in this case a love interest, yet no less applicable to wealth, fame, power, ambition) so potent yet so destructive as to leave one blind to the possibilities which exist close at hand, patiently waiting to heal, soothe and show you the right path to the soul's satisfaction.
I have managed I think to avoid the serious spoilers and I believe this book could could be enjoyed by anyone at all so successfully has Mr Drinkwater achieved his own ambition of creating a very readable work accessible to all and with what he describes as rereadability to pore over all that smart science, numerology and physcology once again.
Well done Mr Drinkwater, and thanks to you, and to LibraryThing, for the opportunity to read and enjoy your excellent creation.
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Karl Drinkwater Ian already knows about this, but for other readers - this review made my day because it was so perceptive.

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