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Evermore by Alyson Noel
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Jun 17, 2009

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** spoiler alert ** I really wanted to give Evermore 4 stars, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. The first seventy percent of the book had me on the edge of my seat. The ending kind of lost me, though. It was just a little too...blah. Still, it wasn't awful by any means, and I plan on reading the next one in the series.
Ever lost her mother, father, and little sister in a car crash that she believes was her fault. She almost died with them, but for some reason she doesn't cross over. When she wakes up in the hospital she discovers she has gained psychic abilities. Of course, being bombarded by everyone's thoughts and feelings is not something she wants. She is also frequiently visited by the ghost of her sister, Riley. Their love/hate relationship is suposed to be really cute, but at times it bordered on annoying to me.
I was totally sucked in by Damen for the majority of the book. I couldn't figure out who or what he was (I don't want to give that part away, because it is what makes the book worth reading). He was always drinking this red liquid, making things appear out of thin air, could seemingly read Ever's thoughts, and (bonus!) when she was near him could block out all of the unwanted thoughts from other people that ran through her head. As the story went on, you found out that this was not the extent of his powers, either. After a while, I started wondering if he was going to star flying through the sky with a red cape flapping behind him. Still, it distracted me from Ever's constant whinning. Like I said, the first seventy percent was good.
However, after a while (even with such a great premise), Ever's poor-me attitude started grating on my nerves. For example, she meets another psychic named Ava. Ava kindly offers to help teach her how to block all the unwanted noise she hears all day long. This should be the answer to her prayers, right? But noooo, Ever throws a fit and refuses to let her. I mean a real I-Hate-You-I'm-Two-Years-Old fit, too. Why? Because Ava thinks Ever should help Riley cross over and be with her parents. Huh? I get that she's reluctant to let Riley go, but still. It wasn't like Ava was going to force Riley away, she just thought Riley would be happier with her mom and dad. Then there is the whole, "The Car Accident That Killed My Family Was My Fault" thing. At first, I figured she must have done something like grabbing the wheel, or maybe she was yelling at her father while he was driving. It had to be SOMETHING, because she kept saying (over and over), "I know the truth. It was my fault.". I expected the truth to be that it was just some typical teenage overreaction to bad circumstances, but I never expected it to be so blatently dumb. Let me just save you the suspence and subsequent disappointment. She wanted her favorite cheerleading sweatshirt, and she convinced her father to turn around to go back and get it. After he turned the car around, a deer ran out in front of them and caused the wreck. Okaaaay. I could maybe see how she could feel a little guilty, but not how she could be so over the top about it. People think Bella from Twilight is whiny. Let me tell you...she ain't got nothin' on Ever.
Bella is a rock compared to this gal.
Speaking of whiny, I probably should stop complaing about Ever. It really was a good book, and I enjoyed the vast majority of the story.
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C.J. Edmunds Haha. Halfway thru the audiobook. Whiny she is. Damen too mysterious. Had it been a less than patient, they mave grabbed another book. One that was much faster. But inspite of it, still enjoying it. :)

Anne I can't remember if I continued with this series or not...hmmm
Glad you're enjoying it!

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