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Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey
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Jun 15, 2009

bookshelves: vampires, list-twilight-read-alike, romance

Pros: Quite a few differences from the typical normal-girl-supernatural-guy romance: humorous parts are very humorous, heroine is relatively strong, intense physical or emotional scenes are very intense, book is fast-paced and articulate. Cons: Plot contrivances are fairly contrived (example: there are 5 million vampires in the world with ultimate wealth and power and they're on the verge of a war, but they're also afraid of being destroyed by Romanian villagers, *but* no one outside of the Romanian villages knows about this, *but* some kids find out about the vampire hero's family on a Web site). However, I could have set all these concerns aside and just enjoyed the juicy romance and life-changing decisions and thoroughly fun scenes of a vampire "prince" used to having servants and wearing velvet capes adapt to normal teenage life and actually start to enjoy things like playing basketball if it weren't for what to me was a fairly big con: In the end, the message is that people who have been abused end up abusing others, but if you know they really truly love you (which you somehow just know), then you should continue to pursue them and even risk your life for them. Hmm. I was reading eagerly to get to the resolution, but then was disappointed when I got there.

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