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The Becoming by Lynne Ewing
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Jun 15, 2009

really liked it
Read in June, 2009

So I'm a bit torn with this book. From what I understand, this was supposed to be the last book. It was written in 2004. Book 13, which I just started, was written in 2007 and has a note in the beginning that says something along the lines of "After 3 years of being bombarded with people wanting another story, I wrote this one."

Okay. So for three long years, people thought this was the last book in the series. But since I know NOW it wasn't, I'm torn how to rate it.

If this had truly been the last book in the series, I would have been so disappointed. Yes, SOME questions were answered - and the whole Tianna thing was something I never saw coming. (And the Mary thing? AWESOME) But it just ends abruptly without any of the girls turning 17 and having to make their choice, without Maggie's successor being named, and several other plot lines never being resolved. (And by the way, I am pretty sure in "The Talisman", Maggie said something about being pregnant with Hector's child. Will we NEVER hear about that again? Who was her kid?? DId I just read that wrong?)

But knowing there is another book, I am now willing to rate this book higher. I want to know what happened to the rest of the girls after Tianna went away. I want to know what their decision is on their 17th birthday (either become mortal again and forget all of their Goddess memories, or become a 'spirit' of sorts - no one really knows.) I want to know who Maggie's successor is. I want to know about her baby! I want to know why Jimena still has some of her powers. I WANT TO KNOW MORE!

And so, I will rate this 4 stars only because of all the plot twists, but had there not been another one to tie up all these other loose ends, you would have me ranting all over this thing.

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