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The Yearning by Kate Belle
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The Yearing by by Kate Belle is a daring and esquisite read about how first experiences can shape the rest of your life. The story goes of a sixteen year old girl whos life is turned upside down when Solomon Andrews moves in next door. To her he is sexy' elequant and a god. Initially she would stare at him through her bedroom window and would be too shy to try and talk to him. Eventually she will start putting letters in his letterbox expressing her love for him and her arousing sexual desire to have every part of him. Solomon who had seen her staring through her window knows it is her who had sent the letters does his best to egnore her knowing full well the potential consequenses if they were to get get together.

Solomon himself is a self confessed free spirit who is used to casual sex and has little time for love. But he simply can't egnore the letters and finds it hard to comprehend the complete and utter words of love and desire she has for him. Things will come to a head when she shows up in his place and so begins a highly risky and passionate relationship in wich Solomon will teach her sexual secrets that have her on the edge of exstacy all the while knowing what would happen if they were caught. The encounter would leave her hungry for more and after lieing about tutoring there relationship would continue with ever new passionate sex while Solomon would teach her poetry and about the great philosophers of our time. Enevitable the relationship will end when she is caught by her father who along with her mother is highly conservative sneaking home one night. Solomon fearing the fallout would leave town while the girls parents not wanting to taint there name in the town would not say anything but would send her to live with her auntie in the city.

Twenty years later and her experience with Solomon has had a terrible effect on as she struggles in relationships. No one could satisfy her during sex like him and make her feel loved and wanted and as much as she has tried she can't seem to move on despite being hurt when he skipped town making her feeling abandoned when she needed him the most. Things seem to change when Eve (her name is not revealed till late in the book) when she meets Max. For the first time since Solomon not only does she feel satisifed with her sex life but she feels wanted and loved. But after getting married things go down hill as an alcoholic Max becomes more and more disinterested in there relationship and resents her even more when there first child is born. Eve is struggling like never before and that will continue when Solomon shows up in town. With her marriage falling down the tube the temptation to go to only man she truely loved is huge but will she do it with the realisation that he is a free sprit and it could potentially destroy her life? Also will Solomon be able to move on from her or admit after all these years he does love her?

lets get one thing straight right from the start despite what has been said at a few places this book is not erotica. Sure there are quite explicit details of sex scenes and descriptions of human genitalia may shock many a reader but this book was about alot more than sex. The main themes being how important the need for fullfilment is and the need to be loved is always there throughout your life and can control your life. Undoubtably you need to read this book with an open mind as the thought of a teenage girl having sexual relations with a man ten years her senior may seem unpallatble to many but for me was not unpleasant or disconcerting. I felt sympathy for Eve who experienced love at an early age only to have it ripped away and how it consumed her while equally despised Solomon who seemingly took her for a ride only to discover his true feelings for her in what was a poetic ending when they both come to there own concusions on the relationship. Not for everyone but one that kept me reading through the night. The Yearing is devilishly devine read that takes a magnifying glass to human behaviour and will leave you longing for more.
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