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it was ok
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DON'T READ THE SHELF NAMES OF THE SHELVES THAT I SHELVED THIS BOOK ON. There's one shelf near the end that stumbling upon could be slightly spoiler-ish. And if you don't want to be spoiled for this book, don't even waste your time on reading this review because it is not spoiler-free.

OK, where do I start with this review? That is the question that I ask myself most of the time and probably write down in a lot of my reviews as well. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Anyway, Dangerous Girls is what I'm trying to talk about here, not how I never know where to start when writing reviews. But writing reviews and Dangerous Girls is what I want to talk about here for a moment. When I was somewhere around halfway done with Dangerous Girls, I already had things in mind that I wanted to write down (or hoped to be able to write down as it is more the case here) in my review. You know, all those fancy sentences I could use in my review and probably never would have because I just think of writing them while reading the book and then end up writing reviews where I overuse "you know" and "if that makes sense" because I'm stressed because I need to explain myself and I'm always stressed when needing to explain myself. There's sweat running down my body like I'm the frigging Niagara Falls because I know the whole world depends on me being able to explain my feelings for a book, OK, that was too much of LE DRAMATICS, so let's strike that.

Back from my Niagara Falls body to Dangerous Girls. I was so sure that I would keep enjoying reading this book until the end, I was so sure that no matter what the twist is, or how it ends, that it wouldn't be able to ruin EVERYTHING I liked so far. Can you guess what I'm about to tell you? The twist or rather said the end (because the end is pretty much the twist) is what RUINED EVERYTHING. If you don't mind being spoiled (accidentally), look at the shelves. Some especially created just because of and for Dangerous Girls. One I especially like is "EXCUSE-YOURSELF-FOR-FUCKING-WASTING-MY-TIME" (sans FUCKING because of Goodreads not letting me use more characters for shelf names). Because after reading 400 pages of Dangerous Girls, what I get is one of the most lazy endings I've ever read. Everyone telling me that the twist is so SHOCKING and MINDFUCKING and I-don't-remember-what-else made me so excited to get to it and I kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting and then I read the ending (that's at the same time the twist) and I was like: FÜR SO EINE VERFICKTE SCHEISSE HABE ICH MEINE ZEIT FÜR DAS LESEN VON 400 SEITEN VERSCHWENDET!?


The ending didn't fit the story at all. After reading about the whole trial where Anna keps trying to succeed in pleading and showing that she isn't guilty while all of her friends stab her in the back, she does succeed and get out of jail and WHAT THE FUCK DO WE GET? A few pages near the end of Anna basically telling us at the grave of Elise that it was her all along and that she deceived everybody and the ending scene was Elise and Tate screwing and Anna watching and Elise seeing that Anna is watching and some twisted stuff Anna is thinking AND THAT'S THE FUCKING REASON SHE DID IT (or at least what we're lead to believe is the reason she did it). EXCUSE YOU, BOOK? EX-FUCKING-CUSE YOU, BOOK?!?!?!?!?!? I read 400 pages. 400 pages of the trial that was quite the psychological porn for me (from friends that turn into something close to enemies so fast, to the truth (or what I thought the truth was) being twisted so easily into something so wrong (or what I thought was wrong) etc.) that I did like but that started dragging like a freaking period of a subject you like but where you're just like "get to the point already, teacher" after a while because of the repetitiveness. And inbetween the trial bits Anna is trying to tell us bit for bit what happened before Elise was murdered and that's where I see all the other faces and wonder WHODUNIT because obviously at some point I started cheering Anna on and then WE FUCKING FIND OUT THAT IT WAS HER. I get it, the mindfuckery of an unreliable narrator turning out to have been the bad guy all along is A+. But it just didn't fit Dangerous Girls. Especially if it's explained in what, a few pages after she gets out of jail and that is basically the end (if you don't count the flashback scene that follows where Elise and Tate are rubbing their body parts against each other)?

What I was expecting versus what I got is something that's seriously pissing me off and I'm not even going to try to explain myself more than I already did because I'm just pissed off that I wasted my time FOR THIS. The unreliable narrator was just extremely badly executed in the Dangerous Girls case (pun here is definitely with all my not-cheating-on-my-best-friend-with-her-boyfriend-and-being-killed-because-of-it living heart intended) and also lazily chosen. For all the build up we get like a few pages of reveal (EXCUSE YOU!?) that ruined everything. Everything of the love I had for the psychological aspect of the story was burned with the wrath a young girl felt because of wasting her time on this while she could have either slept (which she didn't do because she just wanted to find out how this ends no matter the dark circles under her eyes her body would put on her face as revenge) or read hundreds of better books but didn't because she was hopeful and dedicated her time to 400 pages OF VERFICKTE SCHEISSE.

Ex-fucking-cuse yourself, Dangerous Girls.


After writing the review: I've read only just now that the book is partly inspired by the Natalie Holloway and Amanda Knox cases. I haven't heard of the Natalie Holloway case (I was only 9 when it happened), so I read up on it now and I do have to admit, when thinking about these two cases and Dangerous Girls combined then Dangerous Girls is in fact an ugly and disgusting potrayal of what the truth could be in both cases but was never (and maybe, probably will never be) found out. But I can't help how I've felt about the ending without knowing about it all beforehand. In the Dangerous Girls case, the ending just didn't fit the story. When thinking that the Dangerous Girls ending might be the truth in the Natalie Holloway and Amanda Knox cases, I think about it differently because it shows the brutal, disgusting, ugly truth of how someone might get away with something like that without ever being found guilty but it's just making me think about all this stuff and still making me think that the ending didn't fit the Anna and Elise case, if that makes sense. I know that in these real life cases it doesn't matter if I don't think it fits the story because it's real life and the more I talk the more I think that the ending is great in its own way, showing something, making you think and wonder when you know about these cases but in the book case, I still don't think it fit. And before I'm repeating myself even more, I'm going to stop.

This is an interesting blog tour post by Haas on the inspiration behind Dangerous Girls. And now I'm even more conflicted about my feelings for this book. Damn, I probably will never be able to explain. Also, all of this is turning into an even bigger mindfuck and while I love-hate the book, it's making me think about everything and WHY DO BOOKS OUT THERE THAT MAKE IT SO DAMN HARD TO THINK AND EXPLAIN STRAIGHT EXIST BUT THIS IS JUST FAUX-COMPLAINING BECAUSE I KIND OF LOVE IT!?
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65.0% "I really enjoy reading this. It's fascinating to read about how easy the truth (or whatever I think it is) can be twisted, how "friends" can turn against you so fast and basically, it's just major psychological porn for me. However, I do think that the trial is dragging a bit (even if it's realistic) and I keep waiting for something that will finally lead to the big twist that everyone is talking about."
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Andrea ❤Ninja Bunneh❤ I fucking hate that. I'm sorry it was so bad. But thanks for the review since now I know to stay far far away.

Rose It wasn't all bad. Everything but the end was pretty good, actually. It's just once you read the end, you connect everything that happened before with it and for me it just resulted in being pissed off that that was the result we get after all this build up, especially because in my opinion it just didn't fit the story.

message 3: by Mary (new)

Mary This is the best rant ever. I love the random bits of German.

Sorry the end was awful though.

message 4: by Rose (last edited Aug 23, 2013 05:12PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Rose Es freut mich dass dir mein Rant (view spoiler) gefallen hat! ;)

I just added something to my review (which didn't change my overall feelings about the book but made me think about the ending some more):

(view spoiler)

message 5: by Mary (new)

Mary Ich liebe deine Rant und ich glaube, das Wort ist Rant. (view spoiler)

But even if it was based on a true story, fiction still has to hold on its own, you know? If it doesn’t make sense in the story, then it doesn’t make sense in that story. Real life allows for coincidence and random character changes and all that.

Fiction doesn’t. It’s got to be realer than real life, if that makes any sense.

Rose Ich habe noch nie das Wort Rant in Deutsch benutzt gehört aber es könnte passen. Das einzige andere Wort für Rant das mir einfällt ist "Schimpftirade" und das passt auch. :)

I know what you mean. But I do have to give kudos to the story (or rather said reviews of the story) for making me go on research and find out about these other cases that inspired Dangerous Girls and all of that fucks even more with my mind than Dangerous Girls ever did. So in a way, I didn't like the ending, standing on its own (only connected to the book's story and case), without knowing most about these real life cases beforehand. But when thinking about the ending combined with these real life cases, I like it for what it gives: a potrayal of what could be the truth and never found out. I don't know if any of this makes sense but it's hard to keep thinking straight at almost 3AM when I just feel like falling over. It's probably time for bed.

message 7: by Navessa (last edited Aug 23, 2013 05:50PM) (new) - added it

Navessa I love you and LE DRAMATICS. LOL @ that googletranslate link. This review is so win ^_^

Also, that twist would have pissed me off too. It's awesome when someone can make something like that work. When they can't...RAGE!

Rose I love you and all of your math geekiness as well. :)

I think my biggest problem wasn't the twist itself but how it was dealt with. It didn't fit and while I don't think it would have fit if the author wasn't sparing with the pages for the reveal, it would at least have made it seem less out of place, considering the build up that comes before the twist. I think the author just tried too hard to make it as mindfucking as possible and as soon as she got to the "mindfucking" part, she thought "what the hell, I'm going to treat myself to a pizza, the readers now know and I'm not going to delve further into it, I AM DONE".

message 9: by Mary (new)

Mary Ich dachte "Tirade"? Aber das ist nicht richtig. (view spoiler)

Yeah, for that amount of buildup, I'd be really upset if the reveal only got 1% of the book. That works in some instances, but unless she went out and killed a man right afterwards, it probably didn't.

message 10: by Rose (new) - rated it 2 stars

Rose "Schimpftirade" und "Tirade" kann man beide benutzen, sie bedeuten ungefähr das gleiche. "Schimpf" just makes it sound more "to the point" what a Tirade is all about - ranting, was im Deutschen ungefähr "schimpfen" ist. :) I've already realized that most of you I-learned-German-in-school people's German is pretty good! Und du bist nicht die Erste die mir sagt, dass es relativ einfach für sie ist zu entziffern was ich auf Deutsch schreibe. IT'S MORE FUN TALKING TO Y'ALL IN GERMAN THAN IT IS IN REAL LIFE.

You're pretty close, I think the reveal only got 3% or 4%, so that was pretty disappointing. Like I said, the author wanted a pizza because she thought she was finished (or at least that's what I believe explains the ending somehow)...

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

Just read this last week and am still pissed off. I cannot believe more people have not had the same response to this book!! ARGH!

message 12: by Rose (new) - rated it 2 stars

Rose I actually really loved it but then the end happened and I was just pissed off. It's just a pretty unsatisfying ending, in my opinion. Everyone else thinks it's "mindblowing", "mindfucking", etc. I think it's lazy but oh well, I'm pretty used to being the black sheep when it comes to hyped books.

message 13: by [deleted user] (last edited Dec 26, 2013 01:07PM) (new)

Up until that last 30 pages I was loving every minute...but it was a total let down with really no resolution. I really wanted to understand the how and wanted the confrontation that led up to this moment. (view spoiler)

message 14: by Rose (new) - rated it 2 stars

Rose I actually liked the friends that turn their back on you once you're in a situation like that story line and I really hoped that one of her other friends would have ended up being the murderer (view spoiler). Even so, I think the reveal of the whodunit was so lazily done, trying really hard to be shocking and leaving you hanging with no real information whatsoever, so yeah. I'm very disappointed, especially because I really loved it so much until the end.

message 15: by Rick (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rick I thought it was a great twist. I love it when an author can pull something like that off and I thought Haas did so, brilliantly. I had my suspicions early on in the book, but by the end I was positive Anna was innocent. It was really cool, and inspired, in my opinion, how Haas managed to pull the rug out from under me.

message 16: by Rose (last edited Jan 21, 2014 03:12PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Rose As I've said in my review, the twist didn't work for me at all, to me it felt like a very lazy ending that was badly executed and Haas could have done better than that. But that's only my opinion. I'm glad the twist worked for you, though!

Jacque I agree about the ending and had the same questions as Julie Covington. And the plot holes -- (view spoiler)

message 18: by Julia (new) - added it

Julia PREACH, GIRL!!!! I was so sad because I am the only one who didn't like this on my GR feed. Then I saw this gem of a review and you summarized my thoughts exactly! I was sad too because this was actually a well written book... but that ending. UGH.

message 19: by Rose (new) - rated it 2 stars

Rose Jacque, I honestly don't remember most of the plot holes because the only thing I remember (now, months after having read the book) is the bad taste in my mouth the ending left.

Jules, thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt this way about Dangerous Girls, everyone is loving it and I'm just feeling kinda meh about it. I'm not gonna lie, I ADORED the book up until the end but then the ending ruined it all and now I just feel meh. But I'll still pick up the author's newest thriller. Hopefully, the ending won't be as sucky as DG's ending was!

message 20: by Ivy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ivy At first I was ok with the book, I had a bit of a problem with the ending but I though it was original, now seeing that she took 2 real cases and smushed them and made a story out of them I don't know how I fell about the book. I think the best thing this book had going for it was its originality and writing style. Now I feel like the originality is gone. I just don't know what to think.

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