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Lost in My Own Backyard by Tim Cahill
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Jun 11, 2009

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Listened to this on CD. It was okay. A little (okay, a lot) scattered, the author hopped from topic to topic (geological history to number of tourists a year to the best way to drive the roads of Yellowstone) and from location to location without any kind of arc. The ending was abrupt and had a "...and that's about all I have to talk about, I guess." kind of feeling to it. Despite that, it was still interesting, with a healthy mix of both useful and trivial information for the potential Yellowstone visitor.
One little thing that irked me is that I found the title self-explanatory. "Lost in my own backyard- Yellowstone" tells me that in many ways, Yellowstone National Park is the nation's backyard. It's a pleasant idea. Done. But, no less than three times (one time at great length) does the author explain what he means by that (see, he lives right by Yellowstone, so it's kind of literally his backyard, but then also, blah blah blah, it's all our backyard, etc. etc.) and really, I got the idea from the title, I didn't need my hand held through the whole explanation.
Oh, one thing I did like, though, was that the whole book kind of had this feel of like, if you'd met this guy at a cocktail party and said, "Oh, you live right by Yellowstone? How is that?" and he tells you all about it, in an interesting and anecdotal way, which is very appealing. Also, I now desperately want to visit the Bechler River, aka, "The River of Reliable Rainbows." Viewing a moonbow reflected in the mist of a waterfall while soaking in a hotpot? Sounds like good times.

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