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The Adventures of Jimbo, the Homeless Cat by Enrico Antiporda
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Apr 17, 2013

it was ok

Jimbo the homeless cat was an interesting read, sad at moments but with a happy ending, it reminded me of Milo and Otis in the way that Jimbo adventures alone through the wild and discovers that he can talk to other animals with auras like his. The illustrations were consistent. I was shocked and saddened when (spoiler) a character dies, I am not sure that some children will feel too great about that bit. Interesting and engaging. A bit preachy, though some parents might enjoy that aspect. Jimbo is very brave for a cat, though that is due to his artist owners words of wisdom. The book deals with homelessness, loss, grief and bravery. It has a spiritual edge. The only part I question is the ending when he says the new owners took him in because he was just himself, when the only reason the mother took him in was because he chased a rattle snake away, bar that and he still would be homeless no matter how great he was. But the soccer playing girl liked him, and I hope he spends the rest of his days just hanging out in the yard with her, he deserves after all he has been through. - By the way, hilarious title! Everytime I mentioned I was reading "Jimbo the Homeless Cat" I drew laughs!

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