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Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade by Diana Gabaldon
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Sep 08, 2007

it was amazing
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I enjoyed this book very much. Lord John is an engaging, interesting character -- and he doesn't spend a whole lot of time in this book mooning over Jamie Fraser! This is set right after the death of Geneva Dunsany in the Outlander timeline, but the meat of the book is a mystery in Lord John's own family, and John's love affair with an attractive young man. Gabaldon writes men very well -- we get enough emotional revelation to let us cnnect with the characters, but they are most definitely men.

The writing in this story was very polished and tight, the pacing was good, and we didn't spend 150 pages at one wedding. I feel like Gabaldon needs to take some of the verve from this novel and inject it back into the Outlander series.
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Maliha You know its funny that you should say that. That Gabaldon should take "some of the verve" from her Lord John books and transfer it into her Outlander series. I had actually been thinking the same thing but wasn't able to vocalize it. I mean after I was done with two Lord John books I was in awe of how witty and creative the writing was. I noticed how different her sytle was compared to the Outlander books after I actually took them out and kind of compared them. But I really just think that the Outlander books are meant to be completely different "types" of novels, you know the large descriptive type whereas the Lord John ones are the shorter mystery stories. Shes able to compress her commentary in them and therefore her witty comments and creativity outshine more. And of course there's the matter of only one character plot line in the Lord John series and that the main character, Lord John Grey happens to be a very amusing, cracker-jack of a man.

Krista Well said!

Anke Exactly! So it wasn't just me:) As I'm reading the German translations I found them really good and funny. Imagine my surprise when I looked up the second Outlander book and saw my review, saying the German translation was horrible, like stuff for 12y olds And all are done by the same translator. LOL! So, it's not the translation but Gabaldon's different writing style.

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