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Knight of Desire by Margaret Mallory
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Jun 10, 2009

it was amazing
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Read in July, 2009

A beautiful cover coupled with an emotional story creates the wonder that is KNIGHT OF DESIRE by Margaret Mallory. I recently fell into the world of Historical Romance and have thus far been fortunate to encounter some great works. KNIGHT OF DESIRE falls firmly within this category. The romance was tender, the passion hot and the suspense surrounding our main characters was enough to get even the toughest of hearts pumping with adrenaline. This was a fantastic book and one that I am thrilled to have read.

Lady Catherine Rayburn has done the unthinkable; she has betrayed her husband. In doing so, she has aided King Henry, but will anyone care about her reasons? When a man betrays the King as her husband did, his family usually is forced to suffer the consequences right along with him. Will King Henry show Catherine mercy or will he doom her to a life in prison?

William FitzAlan has always wanted land of his own; his desire for a family and a stable life that he can hold on to is overwhelming. When the king graces this warrior with all that was Rayburn's, FitzAlan is suddenly closer to achieving his dream. The only problem is that the king has also given FitzAlan the power to decide Catherine's fate. Will he take her as his wife, or will he send her to the tower? With a body made of steel, but a heart made for love, FitzAlan agrees to marry Catherine and save her from a dark future. With conflict rising inside and outside of the castle walls, FitzAlan must fight to protect his new family and attempt to claim his new wife's body and her heart.

Mallory did a beautiful job of creating this tale. Her research went a long way toward creating a feel of authenticity in the book. Many of the characters and historical elements of the book are accurate. There are, of course, instances where Mallory took creative license, but it all helped in making the story a wonderfully cohesive work of art.

The main characters, Lady Catherine and Lord William are highly complex individuals. Both come with their own set of desires, fears and a fair amount of history. The back-story of both characters unfold slowly. Mallory gives us a look into the pasts of Catherine and William inch by inch, pulling us in closer and making the story completely addictive. Not only do we want to know what happens next, but she leaves us wanting to know what happened before. What events helped developed the two people that now find themselves standing in front of each other, surrounded by strife? I absolutely loved how Mallory did this. It gave the reader something to look forward to on different fronts. Her ability to keep us interested in both the past and the present was amazing and really helped to make KNIGHT OF DESIRE a fantastic read.

In addition to the characters, Mallory did a great job of imbuing depth and complexity to other aspects of the book. The political atmosphere of the time was explained wonderfully, adding a note of suspense and intrigue to an already wonderful story. Sometimes we would find ourselves face to face with a highly romantic page and the next page we would find ourselves tossed into the politics of English as they battle the Welsh. This is part of where Mallory's research comes in to play. She does a really great job of bringing life to this aspect of history and helping us to feel the tension in the air.

Speaking of tension - wow! Tension is what pulls a reader through a book, making him or her unwilling to set the book down. It is what makes us say, "Oh, just one more page. Just one more chapter." The tension that Mallory graced the pages with really brought the story to life. On my second day of reading this, it was like I blinked and all of a sudden was five chapters ahead in the book. Her words flow so beautifully, the tension rising and falling throughout the pages that this becomes less of a book one is reading and more of a story that we get to experience.

If I had to pick one thing that made this book really memorable for me, it would be the descriptions that Mallory uses. From the way she creates the landscape to the way we get to feel the textures and colors of the clothing, Mallory's words create a sense of realism. She does a wonderful job of engaging our senses, ensuring that we can taste, tough, smell, hear and even see the story come to life. I'm not joking when I say that I can close my eyes and picture some of the landscapes that Mallory paints for us. KNIGHT OF DESIRE is truly a colorful story - a treat for the eyes.

KNIGHT OF DESIRE was a beautiful book with a memorable and compelling story line. Mallory's characters are complex and realistic, making them easy to relate to. The scenery was gorgeous was were Mallory's descriptions. There were a few occasions where I would have loved for the pace to pick up just a smidge, but in all honesty this lasted for maybe a paragraph or two. To top it all off, the cover of this book is just incredible. The artist has done an amazing job of creating the luminescence that Mallory instills Lady Catherine with.

I highly recommend that fans of Historical Romance give KNIGHT OF DESIRE a try. I honestly don't see how someone could not love this story and I think that your brain and heart will thank you for it later. If you're looking for something to curl up with on a rainy day, this might be a choice to consider. Even if you're looking for something to get your blood going, you may think of picking this one up. It has something for everyone to fall in love with, just as I did.

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