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Going Under by Lauren Dane
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BOOK REVIEW by Michelle 26th September 2013:


I do enjoy reading Lauren Dane’s works. Going Under is the 3rd book in the Bound By Magick series.

Gage Garrity is a guy I have liked since book one. I think he is a stand up guy and very loyal to Clan Owen.

I like very much how Lauren writes very strong women. Molly Ryan is a strong woman who at times can be too strong for her own good.

Molly Ryan has lost her job, her business, because she is a witch. Lauren really brings home how difficult it is when you are different. Humans are killing out of fear of the unknown. It really made me think about other urban fantasy reads I have read where there are witches, werewolves etc living among humans.

I did ask myself why the witches and Others were letting themselves be taken down by humans who are powerless. What I mean to say is, Others are living in very dangerous times among humans, but they didn’t seem to be trying to protect themselves with wards etc. They were getting picked off, pretty easily.

Sitting ducks.

Lauren does give us a reason, but it felt a bit wobbly. I know it was going against everything Molly was trying to do for Clan Owen and all Others in general. I mean families were being attacked, shot. What family wouldn’t release what power they could to stop somebody harming their loved ones, whether you are human or Other. It’s nature to protect those you love.

This part of the story really took over with the romance being more right at the end, but of course there was playtime before then.

* waggles eyebrows*

I would have loved Molly’s job that she has taken on, to have allowed for more story line between Gage and Molly, developing their connection. I know Gage is brave and her bodyguard. I know what Molly is doing for Clan Owen is very important to her.

Gage takes his job very seriously, Molly took her job very seriously. There was a lot of seriousness going on. There was smexi, but everything was serious.

Faine was a wonderful addition. He is Simon’s brother. I am looking forward to Wild Darkness , releasing 5th November 2013. It is Faine’s book. I really liked Faine’s character in Going Under.

I really do enjoy Lauren’s writing and I love her Brown Siblings series...a lot!

I wasn’t feeling this book as much as some of Lauren’s works. I had to have a sit and think what it was. I think there is a lot of conversation in Going Under that slowed the book down.

The action is limited, but that is ok, but I needed something else to plump the story line up.

I like the world Lauren has built for her characters but I think sometimes her writing in this series can get caught up in a lot of conversation which slows the pace down.

I think what I am trying to say, is the big conversations can take away from other things that can be going on and sometimes one person will say it and then further along it is getting repeated more or less by another character or the same character is talking to another character. I find that repetitive. I don’t come across many authors that do this. It’s a repeat speech.

Maybe too much explaining?

For me personally, and I am just one opinion in a sea of no doubt opposite opinion’s to mine, but I want this series to be more alive with action and less lengthy descriptive and lengthy conversation that can get a bit mundane, for me, personally. I do like the world Lauren has built, I do like the Alpha lads and I do like the women aren’t stupid and inept. They aren’t bed bunnies, they are more, much more. I am finding it hard to get out exactly how I am feeling about this series as for me, it has sooo much potential to be more, for me.

But, hey, I am just one fish in a big ocean of readers. Everybody else could be quite happy the way it is. I’m not meaning to be disrespectable, but I feel like something is holding me back from raving about this series.


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