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The Hollow by Jessica Verday
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Jun 08, 2009

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Update June 2010: I change my rating for this book. After reading MANY books over the past few months, I realise The Hollow was actually not as good as I initially thought. The writing may be good but the plot was icky. Not much character development and no questions answered. I can rattle the names of many authors who expertly wrote books in trilogies with good plots and a least some questions answered.


Initially I did not want to post my review so early but since everyone is excited about Hollow, I decided to post it earlier. The moment I finished reading the first chapter on Jessica's website, I was hooked! I wanted to know more, more about Abbey and Kristen. I was lucky enough to get an ARC for The Hollow a few weeks later.

When I finished reading The Hollow, my first thought was Oh My God. It was so freaking good absolutely wonderful! I was very impressed by Jessica's writing. Her descriptions were very vivid. Here's a teaser (nothing spoilerish):

He was wearing a seventies-style brown paisley shirt that did not flatter this portly frame in any way and, unfortunately already bore the faint marking of a sweat patch under each arm. (pg 56)

Maulsoleums and crypts, with faded names that I knew by heart, rose majestically from the earth. Their outsides, although ravaged by the effects of time, still provided a safe place for the bodies that rested inside, and I nodded my head as a sign of respect to those once graceful homes of the departed. (pg 71)

His smile was breathtaking, and heartbreaking, all at the same time. (pg 120)

Hope you enjoyed the teasers. ;) You can see how much I love Jessica's writing! She's a really good writer. I was quite surprised to learn that Abbey made perfumes. I wasn't expecting that but I found it really cool. Makes her character very unique from all the others that I have read.

As this book is the first book in a trilogy, there will be unanswered questions. Definitely makes readers want the second book once you're done with the first.

I'm trying to make my review spoiler free so I will keep this short. The Hollow is definitely a book you do not want to miss. A must read! The next two books in the trilogy come out in 2010 and 2011. I can't wait! The Hollow comes out September 1 2009. Preorder it now on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Visit Jessica Verday's blog and Lee Verday's blog as well.

Gold Star!

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Amanda Well don't knock the plot. Just in case you didn't know this is a modern day retelling of Sleepy Hollow. So i'm sure there will be much more plot development in the second book that comes out August 31st. I absolutely love it myself.

message 2: by Rachel (new)

Rachel i loved every thing about this book!

Amanda Rachel wrote: "i loved every thing about this book!"

I did too!

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