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Tristan's Lyceum Wolves by Kym Grosso
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it was amazing

This was a kick ass Paranormal Romance about the leader or Alpha, of the Philly area, Tristan. His presence exudes power, strength, and sexuality. And right now he is pissed! Someone, werewolf or human, he is unsure, had the audacity to burn down his club last week. HIS CLUB! However with the help of a few higher ups in the city, he has his new club Noir, that he must commence the grand opening of. Even though rage is boiling under his skin, and he is itching to wage a war, he pulls his self through his speech using his charisma and the small sliver of control he has left on his rage. He charms his way with the crowd, and once the socialites are finished, he and his most trusted head to Noir's office for a meeting with the other leaders. It's time for answers, yesterday. And he will get them. As he sits at the head of the table and explains to his audience of leaders what has occurred, he flashes through the only video clips that survived the fire. These clips show a woman, human from what they gather by the blood spilled by the boa constrictors cage that she broke into to grab the snake from the fire. He wants to know, who is this woman? Did she set his club ablaze? And did she have help? During the meeting he is informed someone has come forward with information his "person of interest". He storms from the meeting and speak to the holder of this info.
Kalli has been through hell! Being drained over and over, and the vamp bitch that is draining her isn't even drinking her blood, she keeps spitting it out, saying it's poisoned. But the vampire just keeps coming back, keeping her weak. Her medicine is wearing off, she feels the familiar beast in her begging to be let free, but she has lost to much blood. Come hell or high water, she has to get out of this blood sucking prison. With her last burst of energy, she makes her escape. Only to be caught by some clown? WTH? She is brought into a room with the vamp bitch and two other men, this is her only chance, "Please Help Me! They will kill ME!!!" she prays for salvation.
Tristan is horrified by the way his "person of interest" has been treated by Alexandra. He knew to expect some amount of blood sipping, but the woman on her knees begging for help has been mauled over and over, she is filthy. This is not acceptable. He grabs the woman up and he and his right hand man, err wolf, storm out. He gets her to his penthouse, calls their packs nurse practitioner to help heal this woman, this human woman that he intends on interrogating the hell out of as soon as she is rested, fed, and healed.
To Tristan's astonishment, this woman seems to heal over night, gone is the woman who could barely hold her head up, the woman he feared wouldn't make it through the night. The woman is now flittin' through his kitchen in only his T-shirt singing WHAT? is she singing to eggs? "Eggies, eggies, where are you. Surely he has eggs." he hears her say. "He does." he states. She jumps and turns to him, stuttering about breakfast. And he is trying to one, keep his blood from flooding south at the site of her, and two figure out how in hell she went from as weak as a fawn, to this, well THIS, in his kitchen.
Kalli jumps at the sound of his voice and turns to see (and appreciate, since last night she was to weak too) this man standing in front of her in nothing but a towel slung low around his hips, beads of water still visible from his shower. Sex is pouring out of every one of his pores. His dominating presence makes her fall into the old familiar submissive stance that she hasn't bowed to in years. No! She is a human, she isn't bowing to any leader of any pack. She found her cure, with her regained composure, she stiffens her spine and squares off with mister big, (God he his huge, at least 6 foot 4), mister sex pot, mister charming, wait what? Is he smiling? Oh lord, she is so freaking twisted up inside, but one thing is for sure, she is aroused, damn it she can't help or stop this pull she feels, she is like a moth to his flame.
Oh Tristan caught it, he saw her (very easily) slide into submission. To any other, they may have missed it, but to an Alpha, a seasoned pack leader, uh huh, he saw it, but why? And how? Only a wolf, or one that has spent ALOT of time with a pack could slide that gracefully into the wolf submissive stance. And she not only did, but this little sexy thing nailed it. Then in the next instant he saw her resolve and watched as she pulled her shields up. She has secrets, secrets that he will uncover. Did the medicine she all but had a heart attack trying to convince them to retrieve from her car last night hold any part in her secrets? The nurse practitioner said the bottle and the pills were unmarked. If it is just a generic vitamin of some sort why did it yield the power to take her from the verge of a panic attack to complete calm and rest? No, Dr. Kalli Williams, the Veterinarian is hiding something. And he will find out what it is, and he will get the answers to the questions he is going to ask. He is Alpha, this is what he does. For the safety of the pack, each man, woman, and child in his pack. He is going to uncover every single thing this human is hiding. And he thinks the best way to go about this is to use his charm, his art of seduction. This will be more fun than he thought, thinking back to the torched club's video clips, yep, thing just turned interesting and alot more fun than he originally expected.
This Paranormal romance has everything a reader could ever wish for, mystery, knuckle gripping your kindle anxiety, and sex scenes that make your eyes roll back in your head and your breath hitch and become a pant. I caught myself saying out loud (more than once I gleefully tell you) "Oh shit! really? That's effin' HOT!"
I started this book a little apprehensive, see it's the 3rd book in a series, I was nervous that I'd be lost from the beginning, but no, I not one time felt lost. This is a stand alone book, and what it really did to me, was make me go to goodreads and tag the first 2 books in this series as: to read! Kym Grosso does an excellent job of creating awesome and multi faceted characters and combining it with an OFF THE CHARTS story plot!
This book is one of my all time favorites paranormal romance novels. And I'm usually a fang banger, or vamp groupie, but I'd get on all fours for Tristan ANY DAMN DAY ; )
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