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A Mermaid's Kiss by Joey W. Hill
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Jun 06, 2009

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A Mermaid’s Kiss is about Anna, a lonely mermaid of twenty, who expects to be dead by twenty-one because all her other female descendants, her mother included, died by that age. While Anna is swimming along in the ocean, she finds angel, who has fallen out of the sky, hurt and bleeding. Anna is able to save this heavenly creature and bring him safety before the dark ones try to do away with him. Jonah is a very special angel because he is the Prime Legion Commander for all the angels in Heaven. Jonah is tired of the constant battling of the dark ones for the past thousand years. When he is finally attacked, he hopes it will be the final end to him. Unfortunately for him, it is not his time.

Anna is able to help him recover somewhat by giving him magic through intercourse, called the Joining Magic. Even though Anna is a virgin, she willingly gives Jonah her innocence because she was taught that angels are to be obeyed in everything. She even calls Jonah, “My Lord”, and offers her body, and essentially her heart and soul to him. But even with the magical sex they have, it is not enough to cure Jonah and fix one of his wings that has been torn. In order for Jonah to heal, he and Anna must go away from the ocean and toward the desert to find a Shaman who can fully heal him. Anna and Jonah soon take their journey to the road where Jonah’s enemies are tracking their every move. During the day, Jonah is human, since Mina, an octopus sea witch, and friend of Anna, gave him a spell to make him so. At night he is able to be in his angel form. Poor Anna can not be too far from the ocean, but because she is willing to sacrifice herself to save Jonah, she will do what it takes to help him.

As for the “icky sex”, I found it to fit in and wasn’t as shocked as I initially thought I would be. Even when Anna is in mermaid form and Jonah and she are intimate, I wasn’t turned off. There is also another sex scene that may raise some eyebrows because Anna can also change into a pixie-fairy, which reminds me of Tinkerbell. Jonah and Anna have some interesting love play in her fairy form. Jonah really appreciates Anna in this form and tells her so:

“Rub yourself on me. Ride me, little one. Put me between your thighs and let me feel the tiny stickiness of you.” Jonah always makes sure Anna finds fulfillment with him.

I would have to say, that some of these sex scenes are a bit purple prose and graphic in their telling, but keep in mind, this is an erotic romance. Surprisingly, I found A Mermaid‘s Kiss to be a well written story that has a bit of a fairy tale feel. The dialogue between the characters, including that of Anna and Jonah is very lyrical. Those who enjoy road romances, will especially like this one.
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message 1: by RO (new) - rated it 5 stars

RO I ended up getting this book to review and would have never picked it up on my own, but once I did, I became hooked on all things Ms. Hill. Her writing is vivid, and emotionally gritty. As I pictured those sex scenes, it was a little shocking, but fit in perfectly with the theme of the book. I agree with Katie in that it's definitely an fairy tale with an erotic edge, and I enjoyed immensely.

Great review Katie!

Katie(babs) Ro wrote: "I ended up getting this book to review and would have never picked it up on my own, but once I did, I became hooked on all things Ms. Hill. Her writing is vivid, and emotionally gritty. As I pictu..."

Is Hill great? You should read her vampire servant series. Very seductive and dark.

message 3: by RO (new) - rated it 5 stars

RO LOL! You caught me. Like most book obsessed people, I had to get everything she's written. You're right, the vampire series is dark and exceptionally passionate. I'd love to get inside her brain to find out how she does it.

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