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Swordbrothers by Auburnimp
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Jun 05, 2009

Read in June, 2009

Sincerely I don't remember if the first book in Dragon & Fenyx series had the same strong yaoi influence, but in Swordbrothers it's quite clear; Flame and Storm left together to build their own life as outcast and the first step is to tighten their bond with a sexual encounter, and here is where I felt the yaoi influence, since Flame is a virgin, and a bit the blushing and big eyes virgin type. Another thing that I noticed is that this second book is a bit more light and happy, maybe since the sex scene is the beginning scene and the sex helps to lighten the mood of the story.

The book is divided in two part, the first one serves to build the basis of Flame and Storm's relationship, to help them to know each other in the most intimate possible way, and the second one to build the basis of their future clan, including in their little circle two new member, Water and Heart who will bring with them other people, in a pyramidal chain. Plus Flame and Storm befriend an all female clan (a nice add to the story, with some interesting characters, even if they have only small roles).

Usually I'm not very fond of the futuristic setting, above all when it's an Apocalypse Now theme, since they are almost all "cold" story, sad and tragic. Swordbrothers is a bit different, maybe since the sex is good and so it gives another side to the story, more joyous; the introduction of new characters allows to see a future; the sad and tragic aspect is not all forgotten, in particular in the ending, but I believe there is not to worry, this is a continuous series on the same main characters, and so probably we will see more of them in the future books, don't forget that Flame is a Fenyx, and the phoenix re-births from its ashes.


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