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Song of Susannah by Stephen King
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Jun 04, 2009

it was ok
bookshelves: fiction, fantasy-sci-fi

** spoiler alert ** I was deeply, deeply disappointed by this book. I have been a huge fan of the series, and have enjoyed all of the books up to this one thoroughly. Song of Susannah is the worst of the series thus far. I honestly feel betrayed by the weird direction King took in this book, a direction that I had feared was coming at the end of book 5.

The only reason I didn't give this book just one star is because I felt that it did have a few redeeming qualities. The chapters with Roland and Eddie were great, up until the point that they left Calvin Tower. And I enjoyed the one chapter that Jake and Callahan graced as well.

However, the chapters that focused on Susannah were tedious at best. The Susannah/Mia interactions got old very, very quickly. And the story of who Susannah's baby is was a big "say what?" moment for me. A hermaphrodite demon had sex with Roland in book 1, kept his seed, turned into a male until he could rape Susannah and put Roland's seed in her so she would create a baby to kill Roland? What? I must have read that over 5 times and when it finally sunk in what he was saying, I still thought it was stupid.

But by far the worst part of this book was that King wrote himself into the story. I find this incredibly gauche, self-indulgent, and egotistical. But he made it even worse by essentially declaring himself "god," suggesting that he might be immortal, and hinting that his own characters save him from death in his 1999 accident. Ugh. It was just awful. I actually fantasized about finding King and punching him in the face for ruining this amazing series with this drivel.

Obviously, King was profoundly affected by the accident that nearly killed him. I have to believe that it changed the course of this story, since books 5, 6, and 7 were completed after it. I hope that, when he started the series, King never had any intention of writing himself into it. If the series was always meant to go in this direction, then I will have lost all faith in King as an author.

One final "say what?" moment for me: did King really suggest that the Twin Towers were knocked down in 2001 because Black Thirteen was hidden in a storage locker underneath? Really? What a horrible thing to do, writing himself into such a tragedy like that.

I will read book 7 because I want to complete the series. I really hope King cleaned up some of his mess and turned out something spectacular for the final note of what has been, by and large, a fascinating journey.

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