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The Vampire's Warden by S.J. Wright
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** spoiler alert ** Just move on to your next book, no point in stopping to read this. Just my opinion of course. The story itself was slow going, there didn't seem to be any redeeming characters by the end, maybe Michael. The premise was interesting, the whole Vampire Wardens thing but it was poorly executed and it was just boring overall.

Did not like the writing style at all! To me, it seemed very robotic. For example: "I was reminded of the last vision I 'had had' when I touched Alex." Or "They 'had had' a bit of a rough start..." Or "...he had been a hard taskmaster back when the Inn was just a working farm and he 'had had' a drinking problem." Basically the author seemed to use very few contraction words, which annoyed me, obviously the 'had had' was what really got me. This left the story far from being a smooth read (if you know what I mean?).

What was the point of Alex? Seriously? He's suppose to be helping Sarah out. Yet, he seemed to be afraid of Vampires and didn't really know what to do. Ex: "How do we contact the council?" (With Alex asking that question, I would have had some bells going off there.) This even after we find out he had previously been a Vampire, leaving his character to make no sense to me. There's a part where Sarah thinks Alex knows more than he's telling. I never got that feeling with the way he acted. I mean you'd expect him to know more, given who he is and whatnot, but nope. It was as if Alex was all knew to the supernatural world like Sarah, but sadly, Sarah seemed to know more than him and definitely had bigger balls when it came to dealing with the Vampires.

Sarah has a really hard time believing that Vampires are real. Okay nothing new there. But the thing that seems to change her mind and make her a believer is just seeing Michael in the meadow? I didn't get that. It was like before he even did anything, her mind had already changed.

Why did she take so long to read the journal? Didn't understand that at all. And the few times she brings the journal up she comments something along the lines of how it didn't really tell her much. But then towards the end, it suddenly has all this information.

So even after realizing that her mother had left because she couldn't handle living there anymore...Sarah still feels betrayed by Nelly? Really? I mean after the mother leaves, Nelly was the one that basically took over caring for her and her sister. Get over it already. All the betrayal seems to really go towards Nelly and barely any to the father. Yes, he's dead but still.

I did think it was very wrong of her father to just die without telling her anything. It's like he just left it on Nelly's shoulders, taking the shitty way out. So that automatically made the father character an ass...thankfully he was barely even in the story.

Why did Katie leave so soon after arriving? I can understand she was upset with the news, but I would have thought she'd hang around and just be by herself or something until she was ready to talk to Sarah about their mother. IDK, I guess I just don't understand why she would have been so upset? I mean their mother leaves and has been gone for 14+ years, okay...they thought she was dead but turns out she's alive and just didn't want to be apart of the family anymore? Who cares! It's not she was trying to get back in their good graces or something in this story. Couldn't they have just pretended that she was dead?

Why did a 'towering wave of betrayal crash' over Sarah after she found her mother was a vampire? I didn't get that part. I mean so far her mother shouldn't have any good points, right. She left and that was that. So now every time Sarah hears more info relating her mother, it's betrayal, and more betrayal...?

There were a few things that Sarah said in regards to Michael that made no sense. "Michael was a heartless murderer." (No one had ever said anything about him being a murderer.)

And "He's not suppose to hurt you. That doesn't mean it's not possible." (I think Alex said that one, but still why would he hurt her?)

Or "Succumbing to Michael would not only put my own life in danger, but possible Katie's as well." (Why would trusting him put her life in danger, I can't think of one instance where Michael acted anything more than basically a gentlemen. He never tried to hurt her or anything. He needed her to let him go, so it wouldn't make sense for him to hurt her.)

Where exactly did she get these ideas from?

So when the Council members come to the farm, Sarah is smart(?) enough to ask them to basically promise that they won't hurt anyone, "Anyone human or vampire?" BUT when she's in a life or death kinda situation with Victoria and her gangs holding Katie prisoner, Sarah doesn't ask them to promise anything prior to letting them in. Victoria does promise to not hurt Katie though. haha When it comes to the promising thing or whatever, would that have even done anything? I mean I've never heard/read that in previous Vampire related stories before. At least not that I can think of. And Sarah had never made mention of it either, like maybe she'd read it from the journal or something.

"You could have heard a Prozac drop." What exactly does that mean?

Sarah gets mad when she mentions the Council to Michael. Michael had checked to make sure neither Council members had taken any of her blood. Sarah's response "Gathering my self-esteem with a hiss through my teeth, I stepped back from him, 'Of course not. They're from the Council.'" (Again, she doesn't even know what the hell is going on. No one's really told her much about the Council, yet she's all trusting already towards them?) But then does a total 180 when Michael tells her that they're dangerous. Sarah: "Of course they are." Huh? Make your mind.

Sarah finds out that Alex had been a Vampire then changed back to a human. So why does she never ask him why he wanted to be a human again? Or anything really about his life? He's just working on the farm/inn as if he's just a regular Joe.

Sarah is trying to get in contact with Katie. She ends up talking to Katie's roommate whose suppose to be worried about Katie (I guess?!) but at the same time, she hadn't done anything in regards to that. No calling Sarah to let her know that she hadn't heard/seen Katie in days or anything.

When Sarah finds out about the rogue Vampires in town, why is she surprised that they had not been after Katie's blood? Why would they still have her if they wanted just blood? No sense there. She then tells Alex (the all knowing, helper outter he's suppose to be with the Vampire world) who has no clue what's going on (surprised? Not really.) because he says "They want something from you. Money?" (hahaha Seriously? He thought they wanted money from Sarah? OMG! That was hilarious!)

When years have passed and they've come to the realization that the Vampires want Michael, Alex mentions how he's really powerful because of his age. (Michael that is, not sure what the hell Alex is.) Moving on, Sarah asks if it would be possible for Michael to get away? Alex responds with "he could but would be very vulnerable once he reached the outside." (Why did I never get that impression? I mean Michael has been on the farm from decades upon decades. If he really wanted to leave you'd think he would have done it by now with how 'powerful' he's suppose to be. I mean in just a few days after being introduced to Michael, he goes from just being in the meadow to suddenly being out front of the house, to now being able to come into said house.)

When first seeing Victoria, Sarah assumes she's wearing a disguise. Why exactly? I mean there wouldn't really be a point in her wearing a disguise. If you see a group of 'bad vamps' at your door and one is a female, I would automatically assume the female was in charge. I guess that's just me though.

Thankfully I made it to the end and finished this...story. At the end (on my kindle) the author offered the first 3 chapters to the next story in the series. I sadly read those, not sure why though. This story didn't keep my attention whatsoever. It was boring and just dragged on and on and on and on. I just hate not finishing a story, hence, I got through it. But anyways, the beginning of the 2nd story starts off with Sarah having done her first entry in the journal. Why though? I mean it didn't seem like her father had done a journal, considering the journal Sarah got was from her grandfather. And it turns out that she did her first entry (for whatever reason) the same day the bad vamps showed up. And even better yet, it basically picks up where it left off because Katie is safe now. And it's the next day...and after being so traumatized from everything she'd been through the last few days, she's already leaving? How much sense does that make? I mean if these random vamps wanted Michael's blood, more will obviously come. Very stupid.


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