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True Colors by Clare London
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Clare London is a fairly new author for me. Before I read True Colors, I had only read a short story by her. Even after I bought True Colors, it sat unread in my e-files for a couple of weeks. Since I am notorious for arranging and rearranging the books I will be reading, I am very disappointed with myself for constantly putting this book on the back burner. Shame on me!

In one word, True Colors is simply AWESOME!

When Zeke Roswell’s older brother died, Zeke’s world as he knew it came to an end. Although in some ways he had a love/hate relationship with his brother, Zeke also looked up to him, and was even inspired to become an artist like his brother was. His brother wanted Zeke to have something of his own, so he had bought Zeke his own gallery so Zeke could display his own work and the works of other artists.

One of the problems with the gallery is Zeke does not have a head for business. With his artist temperament and flare for the dramatic, anything that resembles figures or numbers is just Greek to him.

When Zeke’s brother was killed in a horrible fire everything changed. Zeke went into a financial crisis and had to sell everything to cover the funeral cost and even to survive. Even if it means selling his fledgling gallery which he loves.

As soon as Miles Winter found out Zeke’s gallery was for sale, he knew he could make it into a successful venture. As an entrepreneur by trade, Miles his very business savvy and runs his whole life like a tight ship. His serious nature and often subtle manner gives the impression of him being a cold businessman. He knows this isn’t true, but he often uses this to his advantage when dealing with others. Especially when he wants to get his way.

Miles and Zeke meet on the day that Zeke is signing the ownership of the gallery to Miles’ company. Despite wanting to hate Miles for taking his business, Zeke is conflicted between wanting to choke Miles where he stands to having a budding respect and fascination for the cool, calm and collected Miles Winter.

Surprisingly, Miles allows Zeke to continue to live above the gallery and offers him a job as a head coordinator in the next gallery opening. Zeke takes the offer and they begrudgingly start working together.

I really loved how both Miles and Zeke’s character evolved throughout this book. Zeke is bitter and angry; Miles is more closed off toward others. As they get to know one another, they start respecting the other man. Soon they start liking one another and an attraction starts to slowly build and before each other are aware it happens they fall in love with one another.

I enjoyed watching them come to terms with their feelings toward one another. The chemistry they have between them was amazing. I was addicted to reading about them from the moment they met. Their fire and ice personalities drew me into their world and I found myself cheering them on as a couple, and as they grow into better men as their story progressed.

Needless to say, I hated for this book to end. Even though Miles and Zeke won my heart, I was equally excited to read about the secondary characters, Carter and Red, and their possible budding romance. I read somewhere that Ms. London is writing a sequel to this book, focusing on Carter and Red’s relationship. I really hope that is true, because I would love to see them end up together. (Carter really needs to find some happiness! Poor Guy!)

I loved everything about this book. I loved it so much I just bought it in paperback, too. The dialog, the fast paced storyline, the love Zeke and Miles find with one another, and of course, the mystery of who set the fire and so on. Plus, the sexual chemistry between Miles and Zeke was intoxicatingly hot; I had to crank the air down and practically froze my poor husband to death. WHEW!

I almost forgot to mention that even though Miles has never been with a man, I do not consider this a Gay for You storyline. Both he and Zeke (who has had many experiences with men and women) are bi-sexual. Miles has just never really acted on his homosexual attractions to other men. Miles had done some heavy petting, with other men, but until he met and fell for Zeke he never really acted on them.

I can’t wait to read more by Clare London!

For those who are interested, she has an interesting website. Visit it at:


5+ stars…LOVED IT!
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ElaineY Review! Review! I've been wanting to read this but keep forgetting. Want to know if I should bump it up.

Lillie Thanks for reviewing this one Daisie. I have been meaning to get it, but was unsure about it. Now I can't wait to read it!
Great review!

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Great review, Shell. I, too, have been wanting to buy and read this but I keep forgetting. I believe she is joining the ranks of Amber Quill authors, too. Very cool.

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Great review! I enjoyed this book, too.

Lindsay You sold me again, Dais. I'll be reading this one next. Awesome review!

Shayne Fab review, Shell

Natsroshan Amazing review Daisie!
I agree with all the things you said.

JoJo Great review, Daisie!

Josh Terrific review, Shell!

Rachel Wow! I'll be reading this book this weekend. Great review, Daisiemae

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Jack Fantastic review, Shell! We'll be reading this one soon.

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Great Review, Sis! I know what I'll be reading next

Daisiemae Thanks Y'all:) I really loved this book! I hope y'all enjoy it as well;)

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Sidda Lee great review, daisie

Gabbi Ohhh! This looks really good! I might have to read it next! Great review, Daisie

Unapologetic_Bookaholic Very excellent review, Shellie =D.

Daisiemae Thanks Girls;) That means a lot coming from you.:)

Spring Awesome review. I just read this one myself and I loved it!

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Clare Wow! I'm stunned and thrilled you all enjoyed it so much :). And Daisiemae, you have made my day with such a lovely and detailed review - there's nothing more fabulous than being able to share my guys with others, and you really summed them up so well. Thanks again! Clare :)

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