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Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James
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Jun 04, 2009

it was amazing
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Whew. I finally got around to reading this. And now that I’m done, I’m really, really sorry for not reading it sooner. Damn! Maybe it wasn’t as “funny” (I mean the LOL moments) as Just the Sexiest Man Alive, but it was still one of the best contemporary romances / romantic comedies I’ve read in last few years.

I loved Payton and J.D., and their mutual antics. Very kindergarten, if-he-pulls-your-braids-it-means-he-really-really-likes-you, extremely childish at times, somewhat over the top at moments (the coffee on suit and the heel incident), but still, you could feel the underlying (sexual) tension between these two. And the banter, the banter, when they managed to burry the proverbial axe for a few moments, was absolutely fantastic.

“Why don’t you look around this firm sometime—everyone here is just like you, J.D. White with a penis.”

Not being in the law field, I sometimes puzzled over the partner-race the two were in, I admit to not understanding the importance of it all, but it provided both the comedic angle and some pretty good insight into the psyches of our hero and heroine.
He was a rich-boy, asshole with slightly chauvinistic tendencies, she was a prissy, feminist vegetarian, and for some reason they worked. Worked splendidly in war-more, worked splendidly in truce-mode, worked splendidly (together) in work-mode, and worked splendidly in “amorous”-mode. I just loved these two to bits.
Along with the rest of the supporting cast, from her quirky mother, to his filthy-rich parents, their two best friends, her secretary, and the major client. This motley crew of characters clicked perfectly, bringing all the necessary nuances to the story. Wonderfully done.

Speaking of the motley crew cast of characters. J.D.’s best friend and an anonymous cab driver provided my absolute favorite scene in the book with the Pride and Prejudice reference and apropos tea discussion.

(view spoiler)


It’s the scenes like those, the amazing characterization, the general comedic feel, and all-in-all good plots that I love about Julie James' books.

No I really have to read the next two.
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Quotes Mojca Liked

Julie James
“We're out of time, Payton. You said it yourself: the only way we'll make it is for us to go into this together. I know we can do this. But I need you to believe it. You need to believe... in us."

Peyton didn't say anything for a long moment, and J.D. could literally hear his heart beating. Then she finally answered.

"It would have to be called Kendall and Jameson."

It took J.D a moment to catch on. Then he grinned. "No way. Jameson and Kendall. It's alphabetical."

"You told our boss that you banged me on top of your desk."

"Kendall and Jameson sounds great”
Julie James, Practice Makes Perfect

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Ronyell Awesome review Mojca!!! I loved the Pride and Prejudice scene too!!

Shawna Wonderful review! I loved this book so much that I want to keep it under my pillow.

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