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Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
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Sep 07, 2007

really liked it

This classic contains a perennially useful reminder (excerpted below) in Chapter 45, which is entitled, "Why Americans are Hated":

Clare Minton's letter to the Times was published during the worst era of Senator McCarthy, and her husband was fired twelve hours after the letter was printed.
"What was so awful about the letter?" I asked.
"The highest possible form of treason," said Minton, "is to say that Americans aren't loved wherever they go, whatever they do. Claire tried to make the point that American foreign policy should recognize hate rather than imagine love."
"I guess Americans are hated a lot of places."
"People are hated a lot of places. Claire pointed out in her letter that Americans, in being hated, were simply paying the normal penalty for being people, and that they were foolish to think they should somehow be exempted from that penalty. But the loyalty board didn't pay any attention to that. All they knew was that Claire and I both felt that Americans were unloved."
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McCarthyism was a scary era for our parents/grandparents, so much so that they handed it to following generations while powerful people still use it to their advantage. We still carry that (what is now) arrogance because of that scourge. That just adds to the list of why the Americans continue to be unloved by more and more.

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