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It is such a shame the scam-y way this book is sold and marketed. Parts of the content are quite good, although it was nothing I hadn't read before.

The message that we need to eat real food (Paleo) and take basic nutritional supplements is an important one.

Charging $47 to tell people this seems unethical to me. But what is far worse are all the claims on the author's site which say things like:

"PCOS Unlocked is the first ever guide that accounts for the wide variety of causes of PCOS. This means that PCOS Unlocked speaks directly to you, in your unique life and your unique body.

PCOS Unlocked really is – cross my heart, hope to die, I wish so badly that it weren’t — the only guide that tailors your PCOS treatment and journey specifically to your personal needs.

PCOS gives it to you straight: It tells you what PCOS is, why you uniquely have PCOS, and how to overcome it with a simple, cheap, intuitive, and healthy plan."

It is complete crap that this book tells you what your disease cause is. It does not.

It is also not remotely true that this is the only book out there that has this information on treatment. I own dozens of them.

One of the best is Dr Sherry Rogers' 'Detoxify or Die' which actually goes into far more detail about testing for nutritional deficincies and about how to get rid of a high toxic load using FIR saunas. If you have severe toxicity issues then diet changes and supplements just wont be enough and you need a lot more testing and medical support, despite what this book claims.

The info in this book is a good place to start, but I can't at all recommend it due to the hideous and blatantly misleading way it is marketed. It is appalling. Must make the author a mint though.

FWIW I got this book for around a dollar in an ebook bundle. I now don't think the person who put the bundle together should have included this book, as it is sold unethically.

So, what TO read? The best book on diet for all conditions I think is 'Primal Body, Primal Mind.'

In short, it says eat real food, cut down sugar a lot and don't be scared of fat and eat lots of healthy fats. Also, try going grain and dairy free for a bit, as some people need to do that to improve their illness. If you can, buy organic food and especially grass fed meat and not feedlot meat.

What this book doesn't talk about too much is carb restriction and how much eating only 75 - 100 grams or so of carbs a day can help hugely with PCOS. Stops that continual weight gain in its tracks! Makes you feel full after meals and not starving. Essential for PCOS.

Books which discuss carb restrictioon well are 'The Perfect Health Diet' and also books by Barry Groves on lower carb eating.

It is important to find the amount of carbs that works for you, helps you maintain a healthy weight and isn't needlessly low or too high.

Taking good quality supplements for general health and good blood sugar control is also vital. Being low in anything essential will affect your health but especially important in PCOS are vitamin C, chromium, the b vitamins, magnesium and zinc.

Jodi Bassett, The Hummingbirds' Foundation for M.E. (HFME) and Health, Healing & Hummingbirds (HHH)
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