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The Mackenzie Legacy by Derrolyn Anderson
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really liked it
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3.5 stars

The MacKenzie Legacy contains of two stories, Cali & Cal and Layla & Michael. It takes place right after The Athena Effect. Cali and Cal are on the run from Professor Reed into Cali's cabin which will belong to her when she's 18. In order to save their money, they took the journey in a very tight budget they mostly spent the night in a tent. I love the way Cal described how good Cali is with all of camping and hiking things. I can see that she's in her element, things that she's familiar with. And I still consider that they are one of my favorite couples. I love their relationship, they are so cute together. But Cal begin questioning himself whether he is worth enough for Cali and afraid that she will leave him eventually. This thought kind of engrossed him along the story. I like this new Cal, I mean in The Athena Effect he's just a popular boy who didn't care about the world, here he realize that he have to keep Cali save and at the same time he wants to make her happy. It makes him do the things that I know will cause them trouble when I first read it, they gambling on horse track and went to Vegas.

Meanwhile Layla and Michael have bigger story here. Max has his own agenda when he took them from Professor Reed. He takes advantages from the twins. Layla wants to run away but didn't have a gut to do alone while Michael gladly become Max right hand since he's kind of jealous with Professor Reed attention to his sister and made him feel less worthy. At first I was a little bit annoyed with Layla, I keep telling her to just run away, leave Michael and ignore Max threat yet I understand her fear. She spent her life do everything she was told, when she was ordered to do it. In some way her life is worst than Cali.

As the sequel, Derrolyn Anderson didn't spend pages to introduce her characters and the story anymore. Sometimes when I read a sequel, the authors tend to describe or retold the prequel, I didn't see it in here. Instead she develops the story and the characters, especially Layla and Michael. She also made the story more serious, I can see that the characters realize that their live is in danger and they have to run away. But I still find funny moments from Cali here and there since she’s still learning new things.

Calvin upgraded their motorcycle gear, buying them expensive leather jackets and pants, heavy boots, and shiny new helmets. He picked out new T-shirts with all kinds of images printed on them– designs that puzzled her. “Why are there so many skulls on them?” she asked, “What does it mean?” He shrugged, “I dunno, I just think it just looks kinda cool.” “It looks kind of anatomical” she observed.

Although I'm not quite sure about (view spoiler) I really enjoyed reading this story. It has surprises and twist that I didn't see at all and when I read it I wonder why I didn't think about it. This story is fast-paced but I think I need more drama in it. I'm kind of hope gambling and Las Vegas story and Layla and Michael run away from Max ended more dramatic. I think that their journey too easily. But then again, if I can manipulate people's mind maybe there is nothing impossible and I can do anything easier.

In the end, the characters are like out of the frying-pan into the fire (again). I hope the sequel will not only tell the bigger 'fire' that chase the characters but also explain more about The MacKenzies and the unfinished business that Layla feel she has to do. All of it makes me eager to read their next journey, The Caledonian Inheritance.
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♥ Sarah Woo hoo! I'm getting excited :)

message 2: by Greta (new) - added it

Greta I had no idea this was available.i want to read this!

♥ Sarah Did you find out the twist? AHH we need to discuss this book ASAP :)

Rachmi Febrianty No, I never expected it! I just like WTH? but I love it :) I finished it last Friday but haven't posted my review yet. So what do you think?

♥ Sarah My first thought was literally WTH, too. I kind of didn't like the twist because one of the main reasons why I loved book#1 was BECAUSE of the whole sci-fi vibe... It just kinda took a crazy shift/turn when the truth was revealed. Ultimately, I liked the book, but I was kinda disappointed.

What about you? Did you like the twist or would you have preferred the original direction of the story?

My favorite part of the book was when Cal & Callie were in Vegas though ;)

Rachmi Febrianty Yeah, I was quite disappointed too but then, I always like the twist even though it kind of took a crazy shift :) so I think I liked it. But the turn caused a lot of questions from me. Hope Derrolyn can provide the answer in the sequel.

I also love Vegas scene but my favorite is every time they camping :)

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