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Lady Killer by Vesper Strand
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Jun 01, 2009

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Read in July, 2009

Lady Killer is less then 150 pages long, making it a very quick read. I highly advise reading the back cover prior to reading the story because the back cover actually contains information that is not contained in the story. I read the story and then the back cover and felt “OH, I get it!” at that point. It is hinted there that the book is actually an intro into a much larger series about a war between Liberty Island and the other surviving countries.

Liberty Island is populated by strange individuals who seems to lack some (but not all) morals and severely lack verbal skills – they sway in and out of dialect after dialect, often going for a while speaking like normal middle class Americans, then suddenly speaking as if they were from Hispanic or Asian ghettos… occasionally some Cajun sneaks in there as well. All of this is written phonetically so for readers who can’t stand that kind of thing – you have been warned.

The book is actually a single scene – the attempted assassination of Lee Kitchimoto, and follows several characters in the day or two before the attempt. Very little is clear for a while – like why does Lee hide “The Plans” while he is in his own country, who exactly does Martinez work for since Lee claims there was a peace treaty, what exactly is the worldly setup here? How did Katerina Santiago go from a skuzzy filthy assassin to a high class Geisha? Where in the heck does Jean fit into the picture and what on earth is going on at that hospital? And the last one I’ll ask here – why do the Liberty Island people seem to have powers but no one else does?

The basics of the plot are: Lee is coming back to the island, everyone is excited and preparing for his arrival, a bad guy gets there first and tries to kill him. Apart from the phonetic dialog this is a very well written book and with it being such a quick read (I finished it in under an hour) it is a great time waster. Depending on the follow up novels this MAY be a must read – since this book reads only as an introduction to the characters, I would not bother with it if there is no follow-up going more into the world, the split and the war.

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