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Hex Marks the Spot by Madelyn Alt
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May 31, 2009

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bookshelves: mystery, paranormal-fiction

For anyone who regularly reads mysteries, the "mystery" here is solved the first time you meet the particular character who is the guilty party. As for the stuff that goes on around that, it's an okay read--sort of empty calories, but not anything harmful to your braincells and some nice escape fiction. What I liked most about Hex Marks is the fact that main character Maggie O'Neill has at oh so very long last (i.e., only in the third book of a multi-book series) finally been able to distinguish the activities of her local ghostbusting group, the Northeast Indiana Ghost Hunting & Tracking Society (i.e., N.I.G.H.T.S.) from the actual practice of The Craft. Hooray and it's about darn time!

Maggie's potential boyfriend, local cop Tom, is no less annoying in this book. Not only is he prejudiced, small-minded, and eager to label everything he doesn't understand as "satanism," but he even orders for Maggie when they meet for lunch--with her sitting right there. Quite possibly the only thing more annoying than this is the fact that Maggie lets him. When oh when, one wonders, will Maggie and her dear friend Marcus realize that *they* are the ones who should be an item?

So if you're in the mood for a little escapism and a pretty tame (i.e., cozy) little mystery, this series might be just what you need. If you like your paranormal fiction a bit edgier, stick with Kat Richardson, Jim Butcher, Jennifer Rardin, and folks of that ilk.

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