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The Unseen Promise by Ellen Mae Franklin
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it was amazing

„The bargain between gods was in all an untenable pun, full of curious wonders and bloody ends.”

Perhaps it would be fair to start with a warning!
If you wouldn’t like to love to read, do not read this book! Yes, it is that kind of book that has the gift to make you love reading.

The Unseen Promise is a pure fantasy.

How some of the heroes from the ancient times would say ... when gods are involve, whatever mythology they belong, they bitch up the whole thing. The battle between good and evil takes place and it runs on many levels and plans. The change of the course of events and the outcome of the struggle is influenced by the manipulation or help that come from the deities. And for everything to be even more intricate, we have magic also.

The way in which book starts can trick you making you think you'll get a classic main thread. In fact, the book’s construction is more in the style of Quentin Tarantino or Guy Ritchie. In the sense that several lines are started and these lines, at one time or another, will interpenetrate and influence each other. I liked that each story in itself attracts and that I never had the tendency (as in other books) to skip a chapter to get where I am more "interested". Each line of the story enjoys the same importance and feasts in the same measure.

The author proves a fertile imagination when she sketches the world and characters. And I do not mean a few characters, but a plethora. Whether they are main characters, or transient one, whether they are on the good or evil side, all of them will incite and about each of them you'll want to know more. Each of the characters has a story and a purpose and everyone has to follow a path imposed by themselves or others. Even for the bad characters are two sides of the coin. The way the characters evolve, their decisions and actions will you keep you bind by the book.

“A vague memory rose up, threatening to choke her airways. Another place similar to this, where she had once endured fear and pain, broke through her shattered mind. The deprivation and the loneliness, the cruel nightmares, were old friends.”

In this world on the edge of darkness there is still room for love. Feelings, old or just discovered, possible or not, whether it relates to brothers, parents, companions or lovers, are strong and have a say in the story. There are scenes with a particular fondness, the author managing to convey deep feelings.

“But I cannot. I could not lie with you and then walk away as if it were nothing. You need more than that, I need more than that, but I have not the time. I am sorry.” [...] These last words he whispered, dispelling all thoughts of lust and replacing them with a tenderness he had not known before.”

“It mattered not to her that he was different, that he was only half human. All that mattered was that he was hers. [...] Perhaps she was home. […] The smile across Hi’ayman’s face was wide enough to light even the darkest of corners in his dreary chamber.”

I liked the fact that the author gives us enough details to see Tarkeenia’s world, but leaves room for the reader's own imagination to manifest. The author’s language is one as rich as descriptive.

The action is sustained, always occurs or something happens, and the events links and has continuity. There are no forced artifices, everything flows logically.

In the end I say that The Unseen Promise is the book that (1) I will definitely reread and (2) with the same pleasure.

„So, be warned friend, for to answer its call - curiosity’s enticing song - it must be with wide eyes and a steady heart, for trouble always follows.”
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Simon Okill Phantom Bigfoot is left breathless by this incredible review. Well done Carol and let's see a lot more.

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J.P. Lane Great review. It's certainly nudged me to get The Unseen Promise.

Peter M Emmerson Great review, you must be very pleased, but hey it's a great read.

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