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No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July
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Sep 05, 2007

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Recommended for: people who are walking around a bookstore
Read in August, 2007

I bought this book cause I was walking through a bookstore with a friend of mine... a friend I adore more than newborn puppies and tiny rabbits hopping in fields of grass, and she said, "MIRANDA JULY! I love her. She made the movie You, Me, and Everyone We Know."
I hadn't seen the movie, but I remember seeing an ad in the paper and thinking, "I want to see that movie."
And it was because of that, and because I adore this girl more than newborn puppies, and rabbits hopping in fields of grass, and moonlit nights, and sundrenched mornings, that I bought two copies of the book (one for her, and one for me. One could say "Jeff: Nice boy." One has said, "Jeff: Helpless romanitc sucker." I loath both definitions.

A book of short stories. Most are delicate. Like something you'd find in your grandmother's junk drawer. Not the one in her kitchen. The one that's the top drawer of her dresser. The one that's filled with pearl buttons, and half knitted doilies, and old black and white photos with a younger version of your grandmother, and complete strangers. You wonder who those people were? What kind of double life did your grandmother lead? Are these people still alive? Does she keep in contact with them? It's a whole world of possibility. You start to see your grandmother in a wholey different light. She's no longer this older woman who is constantly trying to feed or, or berating you for not wearing shoes or not having a job befitting of a college graduate. She's a real person now, with half knitted doilies, and pictures of random people. Old patches that look as if they were ripped off a G.I. uniform.
It would break your heart if you asked, and your Grandmother said, "Oh, look at that. You found that in my drawer? No, I have no idea what that is."
So you just let your imagination run wild.

Some stories fall flat. Like opening your grandmother's junk drawer and finding nail clippers. But at least they're sharp nail clippers... not the kind that break your nails when you try to use them. And sometimes, that's enough to get you through the day.
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message 1: by This_person (new) - added it

This_person "But at least they're sharp nail clippers... not the kind that break your nails when you try to use them. And sometimes, that's enough to get you through the day."

Miranda July would love this review. I sure did hahaha

Lisa M. Coincidentally, I read this book because a close friend that I idolize enjoys it, too. I only wish that this book [theoretically:] showed me into the secret life of a grandmother, or the multiple characters we meet in the book; instead, we encounter blatantly dysfunctional lives, which, in their complete honesty and shamelessness, lack any genuine relate-ability or emotion.

message 3: by Susan (new)

Susan Wilhite This is the strangest, loveliest review I've read so far on Goodreads. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading those few paragraphs more than some books. That's it.

Lenny Agreed about how great this review is! I felt the same way, some of the stories soared, and I loved how funny they were. Some of them weren't bad, but they weren't good either, just off.


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