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really liked it
bookshelves: 4-star, paranormal, read-2015, young-adult, steampunk, reread, read-2020
Read 2 times. Last read January 19, 2020 to January 25, 2020.

read 2 [january 2020]
so it's been five years since I picked this series up and now I feel old so there's that. (I did read the graphic novels last year though and highly recommend them; they're so fun and the art is lovely.)

I've always had a love/hate relationship with TID, but I think I wasn't fully in the mood for this reread (I wanted to before Chain of Gold) and I also struggle with his-fic. For instance, how even Tessa has to learn to see women/herself as real people with complex emotions. I know it gets ingrained into you, I just am tired. So weary. I can't even stand Will, and Jem does NOT have enough time on page. (view spoiler)

I still loved the bits of banter, the love of novels, Tessa's power, and the gorgeous wickedness of the Downworlders' lifestyles. AND JEM. And I would up and die for Charlotte and Henry (he is autistic!! I can't be convinced otherwise!!). Also Jessamine is so irritating that I do love her somehow.

So a less than perfect reread to be strictly honest. I think I might skip straight to Chain of Gold oops.

read 1 [may 2015]
I think I'm permanently in love with everything by Cassandra Clare. I was a little scared to try CLOCKWORK ANGEL because I'm not a fan of steampunk. But, while there were a lot of clocks and automatons and inventions, I didn't think it was overly steampunk.

And of course there is a dashing cast. I loved these new characters. I was a little dubious that I'd feel as strongly about t hem as I did for The Mortal Instruments crew. But nope. I loved them. though if I had to pick a favourite, though, it'd still be Clary's motley crew.

+ Tessa: She's basically the main character, although we do get a few brief chapters from other character perspectives. I LIKED TESSA. I think she was a little bit befuddled and easily kicked around. But that's okay. She was interesting and defiant in a more quiet way. She had intense love for her brother, even though he's kinda...well, you'll see. So I admired Tessa a lot! What I hated though? She was really sexist. It always bugs me when the girls are more sexist than the boys. BUT TO BE FAIR: that's how it was in her day.
+ Will: I'm pretty sure he popped out of the same corner of hell as Jace Wayland. But where Jace had an infinite self-loathing and a passion for family...Will is very rude. I mean, yeah Jace was rude. But Will takes it to a new level. He's an idiot. He's cruel to everyone (except Jem) and I hate how he treats the girls. But that doesn't mean he's not well written!
+ Jem: At least we do get to know Jem's secret in the book: why he's so ill. (Haaa, I know! I know!) It's sad and tragic. Nothing like a good tragic backstory to make me get onboard with a character. I liked Jem's sweetness.
+ Charlotte: She was pretty awesome. She's only 23 and is running an Institute (her husband is totally dithering and absent minded) and raising a bunch of rude/rebellious teens. SHE'S EPIC.
+ Jessamine: Okay, she's easily my least favourite character. She's an orphan Shadowhunter at the Institute but she doesn't want to be. She's stuck up and snarky and cruel. But she's wickedly good with killing demons with a parasol.
+ Sophie: She's a servant but she has Sight so that's why she works for the Shadowhunter. SHE IS AWESOME. She has a tragic backstory (omg, doesn't everyone in this book?!) and she's really multi-layered and interesting. Seriously, there are no dull characters around here.

So basically I loved the writing and the characters and the plot. Except my heart wasn't 100% sold. HOPEFULLY that'll come in the next book. I love how there are so many questions and they always get interrupted before being filled. I mean, I hate that, but I love it, you know?! Always a reason to turn the pages. I do think some of the reveals came as too-boring monologues. And the villain falls into the trap of monologuing too. But he kind of had an excuse so I'll let it go. There are SO many mysteries behind Tessa and who she is. (My prediction is half Shadowhunter, half Warlock...but we'll see in the next books?!!) And I love the themes of discovering who you really are and what it means to be a monster.
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Cassandra Clare
“Will looked horrified. "What kind of monster could possibly hate chocolate?”
Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel

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Riana When you read the other books, trust me, you'll fall in love with Will. Even more, when you learn why he is so rude and mean. <3

Shanti The next book definitely made me like the characters more. Except for Nate. Clockwork princess is my favourite though. I don't like sexism in books but I do think it needs to reflect it's time and place. Which it does in clockwork angel. What did you think about the quotations in each chapter?

message 3: by Jen (new)

Jen Ryland I'm more a fan of this series than TMI. Keep reading!

Kitty I'm so glad you love it! The second book is even better!!


Ilsen Leon Omg I’m glad we share the same opinion on Will!! Even though this was two years ago, I totally agree with you. Also Nate *rolls eyes* I hate him

Jenn Ok so for a minute there I though this was your first time reading this and got completely confused about how it could have taken you so long! But I’m on page now. Am wondering if this series had anything to do with your change of opinions on love triangles? Because seriously. This series did it for me.

C.G. Drews Jenn wrote: "Ok so for a minute there I though this was your first time reading this and got completely confused about how it could have taken you so long! But I’m on page now. Am wondering if this series had a..."

No, reread for me for sure 😂I also read the graphic novels. But actually TDA was what made me like love triangles. I actually don't like Will 😂

Nick i will never not love this book

Zahlia So glad you think Henry's autistic - I thought I was just projecting

message 11: by C.G. (new) - rated it 4 stars

C.G. Drews Zahlia wrote: "So glad you think Henry's autistic - I thought I was just projecting"

I am always here for finding my masking relatable autistics and loving them so 🥺😭I actually love the different ways CC does autistic characters (not sure if it's always intentional but I think she has more than just Ty!!)

Olivia I’m accepting your Henry headcanon of him being autistic as a FACT because I love and relate to him and need more loveable autistic characters in my life 🥺

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