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CassaStorm by Alex J. Cavanaugh
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it was amazing
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I have been lucky to get a review copy BEFORE the publishing date.

This is the more than worthy end to the Cassa trilogy with an unexpectred revelation at the end.

My review will be online on 17th of September 2013 which is the official publishing date.

UPDATE 2015-09-02

In my review I will answer the question if CassaStorM is the cream on the cherry on the cake or not.

All of you, who would like to read the extensive, three parted description (the present - characters - setting) please follow THIS LINK.

All of you who have second thoughts to read the third book in a trilogy without knowing the two previous books should drop their doubts.

It is possible to read CassaStorM without knowing CassaStaR and CassaFirE.
you will definitely miss a lot regarding character development and you will miss entertaining hours with two excellent books.

Leap in time
Twenty years after the events described in CassaFirE Byron is still on planet Tgren. He is now the Commander of the Cassan Base. Also his private life changed a lot. Byron and his beloved wife Athee are the proud parents of ten years old Bassan.
The whole story is told from the point of views from these characters. If you meet them for the first time, you should know that they use an additional form of communication: telepathy.

There are two wheels set into motion. The first one is the declaration of war between the ten known races of the galaxy whereas the Tegren try to be neutral at all cost. The second one is the signal sent by the alien ship on Tgren in the same direction as twenty years ago. People are afraid that the mysterious and powerful probe will return ......

Welcome back Byron. After twenty years you are still the character we know from CassaFirE. You are still the honest, stubborn, undiplomatic, trustworthy and loyal officer. Even it seems that the time with your beloved wife Athee softened you little bit. Your son Bassan is proud of you. Did you spend enough time with him?
No time to think about it because it comes thick and fast - not only for Byron, the linchpin of the trilogy.

There are many, many relationships within the story. The more I think about them the more I discover. I'm not sure if I discovered them all. For me these relationships are like invisible elastics who keep the story together.

There is the most obvious triangle Byron, Athee and Bassan. At first sight they are just a family. A father, a mother and a son. But at the same time Byron and Athee are lovers, parents, working team mates, example for the mix of races and more. Bassan is a half-breed, the son of the commander, mother's darling and more.

The events are mentally and physically exhausting for all three. The war demands Byron's full concentration and "rob" the time he needs for his son and his wife. Athee support Byron at work as liaison officer to calm down unreasonable politicians and at home as the "anchor" of the family. And Bassan does what most young boys do. Discover the world and touch things you should not touch .... As a half-breed he has to cope challenges which should have disappeared in future ...
The description of the impact of outer events on the inner events (actions and emotions) of the Byron family and vice versa is one of the highlights of CassaStorM. And it gets really intense due to the use of telepathy which means you follow the thoughts and communcation of the characters directly! A reader can't be more nearer to a character as in such moments.

The story of young Bassan is a kind a coming of age story within the story. But that does not mean it is separate, it is quite the contrary.

The characters put a heavy stamp on the story. Nevertheless the author delivers more. With the mystery of the alien ship transmission a strong plot driven element is added to the story. At this point science plays an important role and readers of CassaFirE will meet again Mevine who is now the leading science officer.
By interweaving character driven and plot driven elements raise to a new height.

Let me assure you that there are more characters which play important roles in the events described in CassaStorM.

A final book in a trilogy should deliver the answers to the open questions from all books. I promise you that you will not leave CassaStorM with unanswered questions.
That leads me to one of the many highlights of the book: The final revelation

I admit that the final revelation has been a big surprise to me and is a more than worthy end of the book and the trilogy.

Cream or not
Now the time has come to answer the question from the beginning.
YES, for me CassaStorM is the cream on the cherry CassaFirE on the cake CassaStaR, which I hoped to get, the readers deserved to get.

Congratulations Alex J. Cavanaugh. You crossed the high like the Himalaya hurdle to deliver a worthy end of your trilogy and excelled yourself.


CassaStorM is the entertaining manifesto for trust, tolerance, respect, solidarity and love beyond space and time.
CassaStorM is a magnificent end of the Cassa trilogy, fat free for the body but rich in mental calories for the brain.
CassaStorM is a touching and mesmerising space opera full of action and emotion with strong characters and a cosmic mystery.
CassaStorM is the incredible end of a most entertaining trilogy packed with action, emotion, politics, science and mystery which does not leave you with unanswered questions


Edi: On October 14th 2010 I wrote "Dear Alex J. Cavanaugh , I hope and wish all your effort will be crowned with success because I want to read more novels written by you." Three years later your third book is released today. So my wish has come true. Did you ever expect what happened within the past three years?

Alex: ....... Not in my wildest dreams! I really thought I only had that one book in me. I didn’t even want to be an author, let alone the author of a trilogy. The past three years have been incredible though. Two Amazon Best Sellers – whoa! But more than that have been the friends I’ve made over the years. I never would’ve even started blogging had it not been for that first book. (And my publisher’s insistence that I get my butt online.) It’s all been worth it though.

Edi: I remember that you wanted to write one book. Today your third book is available which is the conclusion of the Cassa series. Beyond all the joy and happiness there is one question running around my brain like car at the Daytona 500: Do you have more stories to tell and do you want to tell more stories?

Alex:........ That is a loaded question. Do I have another story I could tell? Yes. Will I write it? I don’t know. Music has always been a part of my life and I strayed from it for so long – now that I am playing guitar and in a band, it seems so natural. It’s where I am supposed to be. Is there room for writing? That I don’t know. I hate to disappoint anyone, but I can’t give a clear answer right now.

Edi: I can't imagine how much time you spent for CassaStorM and the preparation for the blog tour and, and, and. Do you still know how your wife looks like? I hope and wish you do something good for the both of you after the end of the blog tour. The Ninja Army will understand when you take a few days off .....

Alex: ........ My wife is beautiful – I will never forget what she looks like! The blog tour runs into November and then yes, we are taking a vacation. She deserves that and more. There had been a lot of time spent in front of my computer working on the tour, last minute revisions, etc.

And I would like to thank you, Edi. You were one of those who encouraged me to continue this journey. I wrote CassaFire and CassaStorm for you. I’m glad you enjoyed the ride!

Alex, I feel deeply touched by your words. Instead of the thousand words circling in my brain, I just say THANK YOU!
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