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Jericho Point by Meg Gardiner
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May 23, 2009

it was amazing
Read in November, 2009

Evan Delaney is having a very bad week. Her boyfriend Jessie’s brother PJ is wasted again, and he seems to think he saw a woman thrown into the ocean. Jessie’s a mess too, dealing with his family and PJ’s troubles. There’s a job offer on the table at Jessie’s Law Firm, but it’s on hold since she’s being accused of check fraud by a washed up rocker’s wife; both important clients.

And she’s got to be a bride’s maid for Jessie’s cousin on Saturday…

Meg Gardiner’s third Evan Delaney novel is a non-stop roller-coaster ride into chaos and mayhem. Written with an eye toward making the reader part of the heroine’s struggle, Gardiner again succeeds at creating character’s on both sides of the line who embody both subtle and overt draw. The good guys are good, but not super heroes. They get hurt, fall when they need to run, get depressed and don’t think of everything; just like real people. The bad guys are scary, unreasonable, without compassion, and easy to despise.

One of the most noticeable things for me is that I find myself feeling the frustration that Evan is experiencing. The situations unfold in a way that brings the reader right into the midst of the story. I find this one of the most telling traits of great writing, as I become part of the story, not just an observer.

Even more, I have really come to appreciate that the heroine is a Sci-Fi writer and part time lawyer, and not a cop. Because she’s not a cop, she doesn’t think like a cop, act like a cop, fight like a cop… She acts like a lover, sister, aunt, or friend would in overwhelming, out of control situations.

The physical descriptions of Evan’s world are vivid and colorful, and transport the reader into the midst of it. The Santa Barbara setting is beautiful and presents the perfect backdrop to the story.

I highly recommend Jericho Point to anyone who enjoys a great suspense novel. I do suggest that you read the previous books in the series first, as there is a great deal of development and background that makes this book more understandable.

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