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Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione
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May 22, 2009

it was amazing
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Read in April, 2011

I just wanna thank you Larissa for this amazing series, but mostly I just can't believe I've liked it even more after a 2nd read.

I have a shelf called 'top-50' in where I selected the best 50 books in 500 I have read. This series has been in it since I read it almost a couple of years ago, so I had forgotten many things about it. It has been ages since I read a book I could place in that shelf and I have been tying find another one for so long without success that I decided to re-read one of the books in it and see why they were in there in the first place. I thought that maybe I just started pretending too much from the books or that I got used to them or something.
Well, now I know that is not the case, that there are some books that are better than the rest. This is definitely one of them.

Why is it in my 'top-50' shelf?
-Amazing main characters.
The hero, Eidolon, is a super hot intellectual doctor who has great values (for being a demon,LOL). A super interesting character which you can't help but just to read more about. Then there's the heroine: Most of the times I don't care about the heroines, but in this case I couldn't forget her at all. Tayla Mancuso is a strong willed ass kick heroine which you would do good not messing with her. But it's not only the amazing characteristics that described them both, it's everything else about them: their pasts, relatives, histories, works and everything that makes them what they are. Larissa not only presents you characters to be satisfied for the time being but she creates persons, you just feel like you know them once you finish the books.

-terrific secondary characters.
Many times I have read a book and not care about any other characters than the hero and the heroine of the story, well this was definitely not the case because since page one I already knew I wanted to read a book about every single one of them and that I could never get enough. This author just knows how to present many complex characters with so much interesting information about them but still not leave the main plot forgotten. Not many know how to do this, but she does.

What's not to like about demons who run a hospital, guardians who dedicate their lives to extinct evil form the world and a romance between swore enemies? How not to LOVE this? if you like paranormal romance this is just the series you have been looking for.

-Amazing world building.
Most of the authors in this genre tell you the story is about a demon and that he has some cool powers, but this author not only writes a book about demons but she creates a whole new world with thousands of species of demons, each of them with different powers and characteristics and she explains them all to us in a way that you just wanna know more because it's too entertaining. Most of the first books in a series can be too heavy with world building information, but this is definitely not the case as you always wanna know more.

And I could just go on and on and on with the things I love about the Demonica series.

More than anything I just wanna say that I loved to re-read it because it made me remember why I loved it so much and what a book needed to have in order to get into my favs shelf. Now I understand why even though I have read many amazing books most of them couldn't make it into that shelf and that is that they were lacking something this one has.
Can't wait to re-read the next!
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03/26/2011 page 320
82.0% "**Happy dance** Doing a re-read before the release of the new series! It's been SO LONG since I read this series but it is till today one of my top favs and I'm ecstatic about re-reading it because I have forgotten so much! But now everything will be fresh for the new series!"
80.0% "LOVING IT ALL OVER AGAIN. OMG, this book is SO goood! I'm so glad I did this re-read!!!"
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Brandi I'm glad to see you found the book! Hope you are enjoying it!

valee i finished it! and loved it so much! awesome book. this id now my favourite book after the BDB books! can't wait to read the next one about shade. i guess i'll beguin with it today. i couldn't stop reading it after i was done. too good!!

Brandi Since you liked the BDB so much, I knew you'd like this one! I've got to make a trip to the bookstore this weekend to get Shade's should be really good!

valee i'm already reading it. it's really good so far! you have to read it. i can't wait 'till i get to the third one. he's the hotest brother, the one i want to read more about.

Brandi Oh, now I DEFINATLEY have to go the the bookstore! I'm sure Shade's book is good, but like you, I'm ready to read about Wraith! I have a feeling he's gonna be a little like Zsadist...who is one of my favorite Brothers!!

Tracy Burley This is an AWESOME series!! You are going to love the rest of em!!! I actually thought this was a little better than BDB to be honest.

message 17: by Ally72 (new)

Ally72 I am glad you liked this one Vale! I can't wait to start it...This series is the best!!!

valee I adore this series Ally, as you know. LOL.

What are you reading?

message 15: by Ally72 (last edited Jan 30, 2010 09:38PM) (new)

Ally72 Hi Vale...I am reading "Vengeance in Death" by JD Robb. I am loving this one and I think it might be my favorite of the series so far. Although, I seem to say that with all of these books. It is the sixth one so I have many to go before I am caught up...Yeah!!!

If you decide to read these books, I will be so excited to talk to you about them. I have a feeling you might really love them too!

What are you reading now that you are done with the latest Demonica book?

valee I'm with a Nora Roberts's book, but I'm not enjoying it much.

I will start with the In death series soon Ally.

message 13: by Ally72 (new)

Ally72 Vale...I am sorry your Nora Roberts book isn't turning out so great. I haven't read any books she has written under that name. Based on what people have said she writes differently as JD Robb...This makes some people happy and some people not happy. I adore the In Death series and am just trying not to read them so quickly. I am hooked on these characters!

message 12: by May (new)

May Hooray!! I've been debating this series- now I know I need to pick it up!! :)

valee I'm reading it for the 2nd time but if u haven't read it you definitely need to because i's one of the bests!

Freida I agree with you, I like the Demonica and the ACRO series just as much as the BDB they are tied as my favorites!!

message 9: by Kas (new)

Kas I love the BDB so I'll give this a try

Jenese (Readers Confession) Demonica series is awesome! Glad you enjoyed it. It's also one of my favs! I never thought I would like demons. lol

valee I never did the first time I read it also! It took me forever to get to read it because I had never read about them before but after this series I love DEMONS!!! LOL.

Tina I love DEMONS too. Although my love of demons comes from Cynthia Eden. Now her demons are HOT. I love to read the Demonica series because of the world building. OMG what an imagination. When I read about the Underworld General Hospital and all the different types of demons working there... I immediately crowned the 1st book as the best book ever!! I totally understand why you read it a second time.

valee I know this series has some mayor amazing world building.

Brittany B. This is truly an amazing review of my favorite book!
I just finished my first reread. I loved it so much more the second time. I read your review and definitely understood the feeling!! :)

valee lol, I was so shocked with this series the first time I read it that I couldn't write a review. It took me a re-read of the whole series to be able to do so...

message 2: by Shelley (new) - added it

Shelley Wow, what a compelling review!

Scarlet I agree with your review. Demonica is way up there with BDB for me. I loved it just as much as the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, which is a very rare thing for me to say.

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