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The Heritage of Shannara by Terry Brooks
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May 22, 2009

it was amazing
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Terry Brooks has done an excelent job with the mixture of journeys in the magical world once again.

Hundreds of years have passed since The Sword of Shannara, The Elfstone of Shannara, and the Wishsong of Shannara. Through the years the talismans have been misplaced and hidden either by the Federation or the Shadowens. The magic has been forced away and evil lerks the Four Lands and is killing and destroying everything which is controlled by the Shadowen and the Federation.

In the Heritage of Shannara four novels are brought about in the recovery of the lost talismans and to restore back to the four lands along with the magic once used to keep life in balanced order.

Scions of Shannara novel - the shade of Allanon calls upon the decendants of the Ohmsfords, the Elfs, and the druids in which the heritage of Shannara has been passed on to. Par Ohmsford, Walker Boh, and Wren Ohmsford are all cousins who are given charges by Allanon to find and bring back the talisman.

Par is charged to find the Sword of Shannara, Walker Boh is to find the Black Elf stone and bring by Paranor the Druids keep, and Wren is to find the Elves and bring them back to the four lands.

The journey in this first novel begins with Par, his brother Coll, his long time friend Morgan leah who yeilds the Sword of Leah, and his allie Padishar - leader of the freedom riders and his daughter Damson Rhee in search for the Sword of Shannara.

The Druid of Shannara novel - intrances us with Walker Boh and his search for the Black Elf stone to restore Paranor and the Druids. With aid from his long time Druid Teacher Cogline and his werecat, the King of the Silver River's daughter Quickening, Morgan Leah, Pe Ell, and Horner Dees, the group fights to regain teh Black Elf stone from Uhl Belk - the Stone King.

In finding and regaining the Black Elf stone, Walker Boh restores Paranor and becomes a Druid himslef along with all of Allanon's and the previous Druids knowledge instored upon him.

The Elf Qeen of Shannara novel - leads on a journey with Wren Ohmsford and her long time friend Garth - the one who raised and trained her to fight and survive like the landrovers.

During Wrens journey, she seeks not only to find the Elves but to find out what happen to her parents and who she really was. With the help of the Wing Rider Tiger Ty and his Roc - Spirit, Wren found the Elves and learned her parents were Elves and her grandmother Ellenroh was the queen. To save the Elves and bring them back to the four lands, queen Ellenroh uses the Elf magic and puts their city into the stone attached to the Ruhk Staff to make the journey back to the four lands, however, the queen falls ill and before she dies she passes the ruhk staff to the Elves new queen fo the Elves - Wren - her right by heritage.

To fulfill Alanons charge, Wren witht he aid of her new compainions Triss - the queens Home Guard leader, Stresa - the Splinterscat, The Tree Squeak, and Tiger Ty the Wing Rider and his Rock Spirit, they bring back the Elves to the four lands.

The Talismans of Shannara novel - Now that all the Talismans have been found and brought back even though they are skattered through out the four lands - the war between the Ohmsfords and the Shadowen with their evil Federation takes place and battled out as the truth is brought forward and the evil magic is destroyed. The shadowen turn out to be Elves that rebelled against their own kind and let the magic consume them into madness. In the End, The truth could only be discovered by using the Sword of Shannara in destroying the shadowen and the magic could only be restored by the healing Elves along with the new Druid Walker Boh's insight and guidence.
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message 1: by Werner (new)

Werner My wife and I both enjoyed the first two novels of this series (we haven't read the others). IMO, Brooks' work in these books significantly improves on what he did with The Sword of Shannara; here, he's much more original, not so obviously and slavishly dependent on Tolkien.

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