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Nightwalker by Jocelynn Drake
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May 20, 2009

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I dip into urban fantasy here and there and definitely have my favorites: Jim Butcher, Rachel Caine, Kim Harrison. Recently discovered Jeaniene Frost. So I'm always looking for another good author in that genre-God knows there are enough bad ones.
I may have jumped too quickly with this author- I saw her second book and ended up buying that one and her first one too- Nightwalker. That'll teach me to buy two books in a series without having read the first one.

Not that this is a horrible book. Drake is a novice author, and she does some repeating of phrases that becomes annoying after a while, but she can also write a decent fight scene and the idea of elves as the bad guys is somewhat intriguing. Despite the cover, this is not a romance. It looks like there probably will be some in the second book, but in the first book the two main characters don't really like or trust each other. This is better than them being unable to resist each other and falling into bed by page 100.
Maybe there was too much emphasis on the author building her mythology and not enough on the characters' interior lives, I don't know. And what's with the whole "old vampires don't need to drink blood as often as younger ones do"? Seems to me that if they get older and more powerful, they should need more fuel. Most urban fantasy is perhaps going too far in making vampires sympathetic to the reader- can't they be really bad and scary, instead of wise shepherds of their human sheep?

I suppose this isn't really Drake's fault- it's just a problem I have with the genre. This is better than quite a bit of it, but not the best.

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