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The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove by Lauren Kate
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May 19, 2009

really liked it
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The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove is like a twisted version of Gossip Girl. There's the scandals, the lies, the secrets that's all very similar. The only difference between Gossip Girl and The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove is a mistake that will easily cause Natalie severe grief and despair.

Natalie was an interesting character, however, she did not illicit much emotion from me. Why? Because I didn't like her. She's extremely shallow, always looking for a better social status, and she's very centered around her appearance and how others look at her. I mean, she makes a mistake and besides the mild guilt that she occassionally feels, she doesn't care much about it and just basically forgets about it. It's ridiculous really. I was shocked really when I keep reading about how she keeps lying to everyone and even convinces her boyfriend, Mike, to not dwell in it too much even when he's obviously suffering from grief.

Mike, Natalie's boyfriend, is extremely easy to sway. He's easily persuaded by Natalie whenever she starts to turn him on which made me shake my head in disgust. And I found him dumb, to be honest. He's always confused and it seemed like he couldn't think for himself at all. The only thing that really redeemed him was what he did at the end - when he was finally able to make his own decision and do the right thing - to the horror of Natalie. :)

The writing style and plot was not badly written but it definitely could have been better. Especially with the plot. It was pretty engrossing but I kinda wished that some things could have been changed.

The ending was a surprise but the epilogue was not. It just confirmed my suspicions that I was really hoping was true but it also left some unanswered question. I mean, it's was hinted but not mentioned directly.

Overall, The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove was an intense book that talks about what dealing with fate could lead you.

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