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Nights in Black Leather by Noelle Mack
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May 19, 2009

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American Lara Stone has come to London to work with multi-millionaire Adam Bowlin. Actually, Lara has come all the way from Chicago, Illinois to be a corporate spy of sorts. Her boss, Jason Pratt III, wants to start a hedge fund that would rival the Bowlin Fund, the one Adam started and is in charge of. Lara is to work with Adam and report back to Jason anything she can learn about Adam and the way he runs his company.

Lara is not having a good day when she finally meets Adam. Her hair is a frizzy mess, her suit is wrinkled, and the sole of one of her shoes falls off! She thinks her first impression will be her last but is in for quite a shock when Adam comes to her rescue and quickly brings her into his office to get her acclimated. Adam thinks Lara is adorable and, before the day is over, he has her in bed and wants to have a relationship outside the office.

Adam is not at all what he seems. He doesn't care about how much money he has; work is all fun and games to him. He'd rather trek all over the English countryside staying in quaint inns where he can make love to Lara all day long. He has come up with an invention called Nights in Black Leather. The goggles one wears allows the participant to enter a virtual reality world.

Lara volunteers and is able to act on her most secret fantasies and desires. As Adam and Lara play these games together, she comes to the conclusion that she is falling head first in love with Adam. This poor American has found her prince, but all this could come to an end when Jason arrives in town wanting answers to destroy Adam. If Adam finds out, will he kick her to the curb and send her packing back to Chicago?

Funny, sexy, and a bit over the top, NIGHTS IN BLACK LEATHER may seem to be an erotic romp, but actually is rather tame. Adam and Lara's relationship has its cute moments, and Adam is such a happy-go-lucky guy, you can't help but smile whenever he appears on these pages. The way he treats Lara is sweet and just plain adorable. Lara should bring out some laughs as she tries to figure out her own life and tries to get over the fact that she is poor and Adam has money to burn. Even though these two may be total opposites from their social status to their heritages as a Yank and a Brit, they make it work.

There is not much action or suspense even when Lara's pitiful and annoying boss, Jason, comes on the scene. But at least Lara has a definite change of heart, and Adam does something not usually done by heroes in past books. There are no misunderstandings or accusations, but trust, which was a very welcome change.

NIGHTS IN BLACK LEATHER is a fast and easy read with some nice sex scenes and funny moments. I enjoyed myself, and don't be surprised if you do also.

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