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The Elf and Shoemaker by M.L. Rhodes
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May 19, 2009

In a little college small town Logan Shoemaker apparently has a good life, he is the owner of an old Victorian house he turned in a magick shop and lives upstair. The neighbors are nice and he is quite content with his life, if not for the financial trouble he is having: people don't believe no more in magic and his shop is always more empty.

In one of the darkest days of his life, after drinking a full bottle of red wine, Logan cries out for help... and someone listen to him. Hallan lives from the other side of the ancient mirror Logan hangs up in his kitchen; he is an elf, a potion master, and the mirror allow him to see the everyday life of Logan, but he has never had before the chance to talk to him, only if Logan asks for help, only in that event Hallan can step through the mirror in Logan's life. But only by night and without Logan seeing him.

That night Hallan helps Logan making four little bottles of passion oil and also giving to Logan the most wonderful sex of his life (always in the dark and with Logan believing he is having a wet dream). But the morning after Logan finds the four bottles and also a ring Hallan left for him, and so he realizes that his elf dream lover is real.

But in Hallan's world there is a war in act, and Hallan as king's potion master is in deep trouble. And he can't be with Logan, since if Logan sees him he will be forever captive in the elf world, without no more the possibility to step through the mirror.

I like the story, it's really a fairy tale; even if there is sex, and really hot sex, it never ruins the fairy tale atmosphere of the story. Hallan is really tender, so wise and steady, not at all the usual elflike character I'm used to. He is strong but at the same time gentle, he creates magic with his hands, mixing love potions and making sweet love to Logan. Logan is a cute character, I don't understand if he is pretty or not, but I imagine he is, but he is also shy and gentle, the classic man who helps the elderly and shelters stray pets (even if it's the first time I read of a stray rodent...)

The story is more simple of what I was expecting but it was not a bad thing; reading it I was building a lot of possibility in my head, trying to imagine how all the supporting characters in the story will be involved in the final solution; in the end all was simpler than what I was imagining, but I'm not criticizing the author, for me it means that she gave deepness even to the less important characters.

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