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Highland Outlaw by Monica McCarty
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Got bored with this book really fast. I mean, while I was reading Highland Outlaw all I could think about was my list of things to do or my to-knit items. What does that make me? Senile? Ok...

No really, I just couldn't stand the fact that he was using her for something that I couldn't care less for and that she was really annoying--not in a I want to kill her way but in a how dense are you? way.

I agree with one of the reviewers--at the end he gave up way tooooo fast on them when throughout the whole book Patrick wanted to prove to Elizabeth why they were meant to be in a dungeon

It was like, wham bam-->they meet, they have a relationship, then they have sex, they fall in love, he leaves her so she could marry another dude, she invites him to the wedding, he wants her back only b/c she was going to marry another man wasn't that the whole point of letting her go you stupid man?! and he wasn't going to let any other man have her b/c she's his One True Love, and she forgives him in less than a paragraph, and happily preggy after.

And I thought the first book was bad.
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