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Eyeshield 21, Vol. 29 by Riichiro Inagaki
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it was amazing

So this issue is about Deimon facing its last opponent before the Christmas Bowl, and even though they're the protagonists, you KNOW they can lose. It's always believable, the way this is written--you can imagine them losing and figuring out their future based on the loss, even though at this point it's the last chance for Hiruma, Kurita, and Musashi. The focus on Kurita is pretty intense, since it's his job to figure out how to beat Gao--the bone-crushing lineman from the Dinosaurs team. And they do a great job making him so frightening, not only with what they show you but with the way other characters react to him. I was surprised by how little time we actually spent with Kurita after he figured out how to take a hit and managed to hold Gao most of the time all on his own. There was a lot of focus on some of the other Dinosaurs players, like Marco and Kisaragi.

I have to say, the first time I read this when it came out in Japan, I actually cried about what happened to Hiruma (and the weird little switch into his perspective was neat). A friend laughed at me for being upset about a dumb comic. Grrr. Hiruma's my favorite, and I was also so disappointed for Kurita blaming himself so harshly.

I loved that Banba from Taiyo was willing to train Kurita--not just on the art of blocking, but on how to take a punch. It was so cute that when he was locked away training alone with Banba, he reunited with his teammates and cried about how lonely he'd been. Man I love Kurita! He's such a cutiepie! Deimon isn't the only team we see preparing, though--we get to see what Hakushu is doing, and it's really hilarious seeing Gao in the sauna claiming he's trying to get rid of all the cowardly sweat. He demands that the videos they're watching for practice have to be shown in the sauna, and all the jokes about seeing each other's private parts were really uncomfortable and funny.

Marco's obsession with cola was really funny, and the incident with Hiruma knowing it isn't spiked and Sena realizing all he knows about Marco is he likes cola--that was great. It's interesting that Gao has honor despite that he breaks people's bones. He perceived that one of his own teammates was insulting another strong fighter and broke his freakin' nose! He has a higher loyalty. And he won't break the rules of football just to hurt other people.

But speaking of honor, Marco needs to shut up. It's super gross that he keeps calling Maria by her first name when she asks him not to address her familiarly. He now does it deliberately to bother her and that's just disgusting. I hate creeps like that. His special ability being about watching the ball is really interesting. He doesn't fall for Hiruma's tricks, and it's pretty great that Hiruma knows he won't so always has a contingency plan.

Using Kurita's weight to discuss strength and stability is awesome. I loved that the first touchdown was Monta's. And Komusubi's reaction to Kurita pulling off the blocking was fantastic. He never doubted his master, while the other linemen did, so all he has to do is smirk at them and they understand he's like "See? Feel dumb now, don't ya?" Later when Gao points out Kurita's value, Komusubi "becomes a fourth Hah Brother." That was hilarious.

I'm annoyed that Kisaragi's build is described as "frail like a girl" by people who want to insult him. That's gross.

I laughed when Mamori and Suzuna were lamenting the players' tendency to yell out the names of their attacks. Hahaha, Mamori is so sad about it. Oh, another thing I laughed at was Marco privately thinking how great it would be if Sena had been admiring his strength, and then we cut to Sena and he's thinking "MARCO IS SO STRONG." Bwahaha!

The joke about the Four Heavenly Kings who got defeated was great--such awesome characterization but we don't get to use them because they lost. Hah.

Tengu harassing the other team with insulting "cheers" was great.

And . . . I've got to say Hiruma coming through with trick plays toward the end was always the funniest. Watching him run with that grin on his face after he distracted everyone with FOUR RECEIVERS was fantastic. Only to end with him sticking his leg out to avoid losing possession of the ball, ha. I'm really sad that Gao did finally get to him, and that Mamori did have to consult the quarterback replacement instructions after all. But the team didn't listen to them, because now Sena is soldiering on in Hiruma's place, assuming his speed will save him.

Lastly, I liked the notes from the creators regarding the new anime, and how Murata snaps lead too much. And Hiruma came in first in the voting game they played with fans. :D

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