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Parasite by Mira Grant
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“No one wants to set out to be a hero, and discover that they've been a villain all along.”

Mira Grant is amazing woman & writer. First, she captured my attention with Newsflesh, the series worth all the hype - and also - it was a series that i will never forget and the one that i reread already. What i wanted to say, given how much i loved her previous series, i had high expectations of this series as well.

We all want things that can never happen, and even when we know they’re not going to become reality, we keep on wanting them.

First of all, this series has a really interesting (and really my-stomach-doesnt-like-this-so-much) idea, where every sickness was healed. It was promising and Mira Grant delivered it spectacularly - except for some really predictive moments which i saw coming from... the beginning actually (which is why i gave it 4.5 stars instead of 5, and also maybe because it wasn't as shocking as Newsflesh's Feed - which was SO DAMN SHOCKING IT HURT).



In 2027, medicine on Earth advanced on a level that healed humans of every sickness . So let me start from the begining. Once upon a time, there was a trio of scientist who wanted to change the world - so no one ever gets sick again. Their company was called SymboGen , and they developed a nice solution for all of their problems - a genetically modified parasite typeworm.

After the successful demonstration on Sally Mitchell, the girl who "died" because of brain damage, and who miraculously survived it - almost everyone decided to have the " Intestinal Bodyguard " implanted in them. But... they are not just parasites...




Sally Mitchell died in June, 2021 when she was 20 years old. She died the moment she ended in a car crash. But instead of being dead - she found herself pretty much alive. But there was something that went wrong: she ended up with amnesia, literally wiped out of all memories she had - how to be human, how to speak, to read. SymboGen's tapeworm,which was implanted in her before, healed her. Because it was unusual that she survived such a giant accident, SymboGen offered treatment, but also to do some "examination" when they needed too.

Six years later, Sally Mitchel is a completely different person than she was before: now she is calmer, nicer person and it confuses all who knew her before. But the fact is, she doesn't want her old memories back. Especially since she has a boyfriend who cares about her as she is now. But, living a new life is as a big challenge as is the fact that she may know what is happening, even though she is not yet aware of it.

-- Sally was really likeable character, i loved her curiosity, her thinking - i just liked her,okay?


Nathan Kim is a doctor, a parasitologist, who met Sally in a hospital. But despite being parasitologist, he refuses to have anything with parasite that SymboGen offers. He supports Sally and really loves her, and he tries to help her, in any way possible.

-- Not much is revealed about him at the moment, but knowing Mira Grant, she may put some chapters from his POV (*i pray for that to happen*). He is mysterious, but really lovely character and i really loved everytime he appeared in the book.

Other characters:

I really loved Tansy , of which i will not speak anything else, since it would be a spoiler, but i especially loved her crazyness and her sense of humor. Adam was interesting as well and i wish to learn more about him in the coming books. I don't know how i feel about Sally's parents but generally, i did not like them. Either they were too supportive or too controlling and i understand Sally and her decisions because of that. All in all, secondary characters were quite interesting.


It was hard getting into the story first, but i decided to push it on and see what will happen. Knowing Mira Grant because of her other books, this series may be quite unpredictable in the upcoming installments .

I really loved it and enjoyed it and i recommend it . Now, i shall painfully wait for other books to be published... *life is cruel mistress*

Over and out.

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Feminista Read this one soon!!!

Kristalia DONT WORRY its next on my to read list after i read champion :D (i had to finish one series first at least)

Feminista Awesome!! I am glad you liked it!!

Great review Kris!

message 6: by Aimen (new)

Aimen Great review, Kristalia! <3

Kristalia Aimen wrote: "Great review, Kristalia! <3"

♠ Sharon is an emotional book junkie ♠ wrote: "great review Kristalia!"

--thank you both ♥

Kristalia Vilda wrote: "I so can't wait to read this one!! Awesome review, K. :D"

Hehehehe, i cant wait to see what you think of it :D

Kristalia Feminista wrote: "Awesome!! I am glad you liked it!!

Great review Kris!"

Sure, it was amazing (although a little predictable :D)

message 10: by Joana (new) - added it

Joana Whoa! Now I want to read this one! Just the 1st quote you used, got me interested...
Fantastic review Kris;)

Kristalia Joana ♥Team Dex ♥ wrote: "Whoa! Now I want to read this one! Just the 1st quote you used, got me interested...
Fantastic review Kris;)"

You should read it :P It is worth it :D
Will be stalking you then mwahahha :D

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K Great review! :)

Kristalia Kinsey wrote: "Great review! :)"

thank you ♥

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Lisa Jayne *thumbs up* Kris!!!

Duchess Nicole Fabulous review, hon! I think I'm going to listen to this on audio. Can't wait!

Kristalia Lisa Jayne wrote: "*thumbs up* Kris!!!"

thank you ♥

Kristalia Duchess Nicole wrote: "Fabulous review, hon! I think I'm going to listen to this on audio. Can't wait!"

Hehehee enjoy hon enjoooooooy ♥

Rosalinda *KRASNORADA* Fantastic review, Kristalia! x

Kristalia ♥ thanx ♥

message 20: by Mona (new)

Mona Amazing review Kristalia x

Kristalia Mona wrote: "Amazing review Kristalia x"

Blacky *Romance Addict* Wow this sounds scary! does it have a happy end?
Great review btw :D

Kristalia Blacky *Romance Addict* wrote: "Wow this sounds scary! does it have a happy end?
Great review btw :D"

Hehehehee look, look in spoiler :D (view spoiler)

And thank you ♥

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