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Convicted by Aleatha Romig
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it was amazing
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I’m going to keep this review short and sweet because you shouldn’t be on the fence if you want to read this series.

First off, Consequences is my favorite book in the series, it was gritty, raw and really really FUCKED UP!

Truth was great, I was shocked, I gasp and man, I loved Tony even more.

Now, in Convicted, I feel like I running a 5K and just couldn’t stop until I got to the finish line (but I did take a break, a tiny one though)

Let’s sum it up…

I DO NOT LIKE READING THE ENDING IN THE FIRST CHAPTER! Oh god, such a major pet peeve. Yeah, there weren’t any “flashbacks”, but flash forwards are the same thing. I know it was needed, if there weren’t any flash forwards I think I wouldn’t have been reading like a rabid bunny.

First 50% was crazy, I got the flash forward and I was like WTF is happening?!!!! WHY?!!! So I’m reading like a boss, and reading and reading.

Then around the 50-60% it gets kind of drawn out. It’s very detailed and I get I have to read the extra characters to get the whole feel, I’m sticking it through, but this is when I took a break.

THEN !!!!! the last 30% you are like OH MY GOD! The heavens parted and you have no idea what’s going on, what’s up or down, and how it’s going to end.

The last 10%, the conclusion, you are just so freaking tired, but so happy, and completely consumed.


Crazy I never have that kind of feeling, unless I really loved the book. The Consequences series just does that to you. It will suck you in and you know it’s going to be a scary ass ride, but you can’t help but stick it through.

Final note, if you are a Tony hater, you will not be after Convicted. I thought he redeemed himself in Truth, but if you didn’t think he did, oh boy, you will want him to lock you up in a room and fuck you good.

FUN FACT… I took the baby photo, above (and the one with the hands), oh you didn’t know? I do photography on the side for fun. YUP, just another thing I add to the list of things I do.

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46.0% "I'm so nervous! I feel like shit is about to hit the fan. Side note. I didn't know he was 46 years old!"
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55.0% "There is no greater misery than to recall a time when you were happy-Dante ... I love the quotes at the beg of each chapter."
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72.0% "And shit hit the fan. Oh boy"
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85.0% "I'm finally there!!!!"
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100.0% "FINISHED!!!! I need a shot of vodka now! Full review to follow soon"
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Silvana Pleaseeee do not leave me hanging!!!!!

Jacqueline's Reads I know! I agree!!!

Claudine Our prayers are heard!

Jacqueline's Reads Praise The Lord!

Irene So pleased its not too far away October.

Jacqueline's Reads I KNOW RIGHT?! yeah I am mad crazy for this!

Kelli hmmm I wonder if she planned the month of October on purpose... it coincides with another book that is to be published.

Jacqueline's Reads Kelli wrote: "hmmm I wonder if she planned the month of October on purpose... it coincides with another book that is to be published."

I dunno ... maybe?

Irene Three kings on the cover and a pearl necklace, any sygnificance?

message 10: by Jade (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jade Leigh I can't breathe...

Jacqueline's Reads Irene ----> there will be limited amount of ARCs. I haven't found out if I am picked. So once I know and I find out what the cover means I will let you know. I am sure there has to be a reason why she picked those images.

Jacqueline's Reads Jade ----- > weeeee!!!!!! :)

Irene Thanks Jacqueline ☺

Kelli ahhhhhhh! I can't wait another month :( The suspense is killing me

Jacqueline's Reads :D :D ... WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? bwahahaha

Irene Do you need a tissue? So not fair I was rooting for you to get this arc.

Jacqueline's Reads I did pout a little and I did go to the restroom to pout. Thanks Irene. I get so worked up. Lol.

Irene Hugs, we know you're the best.

Kanae Your statuses make me want to read this

Jacqueline's Reads I just finished, it's CRAZY!!!!!

Kanae Jacqueline's Reads wrote: "I just finished, it's CRAZY!!!!!"
Awesome! I am going to start on book 1 immediately. Like right now lol

Jacqueline's Reads oh, you are in for a treat. I love book 1, it's my favorite out of the three. Be sure to have plenty of booze near by, this book will make you want to drink. But it's worth it!

message 24: by • Lisa • (new)

• Lisa • This series seems crackers!!!! Glad you enjoyed it so much x

Kelli I needed a stiff drink after reading this! What a total fucking mind fuck! My jaw was on the floor and my husband ran into the room I was in thinking i was being kidnapped or something because I was screaming 'oh my fucking god, what the fuck, AHHHH ' lmao

Jacqueline's Reads Lisa < --- it's a good series!

Kelli < --- Oh my god, love this comment. I've done that before and husband thought I was nuts, I just told him it was crazy too.

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