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The Missing by Beverly  Lewis
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May 13, 2009

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The second novel in Beverly Lewis' Seasons of Grace series, it picks up almost immediately where The Secret leaves off. I enjoyed this one a lot more than I did the first one.

Grace Byler's mother has been missing for several weeks and as the family tries to continue with their lives, they wonder at her reasons for leaving and hope for her return. As Grace begins to piece together the few clues she has about why her mother left, she simply finds more questions. When the young man she thought liked her best friend Becky, suddenly transfers his interest to her, she's reluctant to accept his advances. Taking care of her family and wishing to search for her mother are her most important priorities.

Her friendship with Heather, the young Englisher deepens and the two young women are able to help each other. Heather finally tells her father about her illness and he, understandably, wants her to take the traditional course of treatment, not an alternative one.

As Lettie searches for her own answers, away from her family, her husband Judah searches for his own at home. He suspects that his in-laws have the answers, but they aren't forthcoming.

This is a compelling story. The characters are well-developed and easy to care about. It is also, obviously, a link in the trilogy. Nothing is really resolved and more questions arise than are answered. Little clues are planted that hint at the discoveries to come. I think I have things figured out, but await the next book for confirmation!

An easy, enjoyable read. I read it in an afternoon.

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