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Some people are really going to like Prophecy Girl. People who like a very distinctive protagonist voice littered with pop culture references. Fans of Vampire Academy, who are looking for something similar, will also probably at least be interested – if not enjoy it. I don’t think it’s unfair to state that Prophecy Girl is highly derivative of Vampire Academy. Non Academic, rough and tumble protagonist with an intelligent best friend, falls in love with hot young tutor, crazy shenanigans, magical world – it was all very highly reminiscent. Derivative doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, but in this case the comparison doesn’t favor Prophecy Girl. In a Who Wrote It Better? competition, Mead comes out a clear victor.

Vampire Academy dress
I would give that outfit a 9/10. Gorgeous, gorgeous job!

prophecy Girl dress
I would say… less.

The story is heavily focused on the romance between Amelie and Jack, which I felt was a misstep as it rarely managed to run anything but hot (fan yourself, dim the lights, spark some candles hot) and cold (wet, dead, stinky-fish cold). The chemistry was there in a physical sense and I give White props for that – but any real camaraderie, relationship or love were painfully absent or ineffectually handled for me. Mostly because there simply wasn’t time to develop it.

But the plot itself was the biggest let down. I feel like by the time the author gets through all her surprise twists, the original motivations and actions of the characters don’t make much sense. I read the ending actions with critical detachment as characters did things that seemed inexplicable to me. The ending was pretty broadly forecasted in a way that sucked enjoyment from the narrative. Early on two characters step onto the page and my initial reaction was, “Well, they’re clearly evil. I don’t know how or why but… EVIL!” And I was kind of sad to see that I was right. That things were so clearly telegraphed.

Even a major plot event happened that was so obvious, my brain kind of hurt reading it. I thought, surely, it can’t be this easy. Then it happened, to everyone’s shock but mine. For me? I was just like:

well, duh!

Writing was okay, no real issues there, which is a positive. And if you are looking for something just a bit steamy, then you’re surely going to at least enjoy it.

Ultimately, I think this is a good book if you’re looking for something quick, easy and that will give you a couple of laughs. But one of the greats, it is not.

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message 1: by Tzippy (new)

Tzippy Is this...about Buffy?

Kat Kennedy *Snicker* it actually reminds me more of Vampire Academy, but I haven't started yet.

message 3: by sha. {"go book yourself"} (last edited Mar 13, 2013 10:50AM) (new)

sha. {"go book yourself"} Tzippy wrote: "Is this...about Buffy?"

I can see it - Angel from Buffy runs an academy...

message 4: by Alice (new)

Alice I have to agree with Kat. The summary sounds A LOT like Vampire Academy.. which is not necessarily a bad thing.

message 5: by Samantha (new)

Samantha OMG this sounds identical to VA and also along the same lines as the Covenant series too!

message 6: by Ellen (new)

Ellen The Covenant series kind of ripped off VA :$ Haha. I think I'll pass on this until there's enough reviews out there on it. I get too emotional when it's a potential VA rip off. It's my favourite series!

Kat Kennedy Hmmmmm... I'll find out from the publisher when I can put my review up.

☆drea☆ wears the cheese Looks too much like a VA knock off to me...

message 9: by Misty (new)

Misty Wanna know my favorite typo ever? " I thought, surly, it can’t be this easy." Because I picture you, sitting there, acting all surly, thinking, "No, it can't be!"

Le You:

(Though of course, this is me assuming you meant "Surely it can't be this easy." Maybe you really are surly.)

Kat Kennedy Checking for typos is not one of my personal strengths.

message 11: by Misty (new)

Misty And I'm glad of it, because otherwise I wouldn't have a mental image of Surly-Kat right now. =D

message 12: by Kate (new)

Kate Copeseeley Love those image dresses. Your photoshop skills get better everyday!

Seriously though... I'd kind of written off vampire books a LONG time ago. I'm surprised someone is still writing them. Isn't that cash cow out of milk yet??

message 13: by ★ʜɑʋɘɳ★ (new)

★ʜɑʋɘɳ★ I never was a big fan of Vampire Academy but darn I think that dress looks good :D *girly squeak*

@Kate: Every time I see another vampire book I think exactly the same... Also I find in 9/10 times those books are exactly what I expected - washed out :(

Really undecided whether I should read this. I hate weak plots... every time I loose more hair...

Nasty Lady MJ It is exactly like Vampire Academy with a dash of Blue Bloods and The Mortal Instruments. I wish your review would've been posted before I requested it. Now I feel stupid for reading this.

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