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Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg
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Mar 13, 13

really liked it
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Read on March 13, 2013

I highly recommend this book. As a single mom near the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder, the negative reviews would have led me to believe 'Lean In' wasn't for me and that only an elite few could relate. To the contrary, I found that Sandberg lends a clear, relevant, necessary voice to issues of leadership and equality for women and men and understanding for parents working in and out of the home.

It's a quick yet engaging read. She's the first author I've read who shared what may be our generation's earlier view of feminism - yep, good, done, thanks - and the fear I always had of being labeled a feminist. But I am.

The issues she raises are important. The inequality, far reaching. Sandberg makes excellent points on this being an issue of equality for both sexes. I have a son in college - I want his options wide open.

Several years ago I had to start from scratch, to put my public university master's to work waiting tables and then claw to get back into a professional position. Somewhere in there, I chose to lose my voice. I became afraid. I need this job. But what would I do if I wasn't afraid? It's an excellent question.

My choices have been different from Sandberg's yet the book still resonated with me. I look forward to participating and taking a seat at the table.

Lean In is a call for leadership, an invitation to participate in creating a society that values women, mothers, men, fathers, and in which women value and support each other and ourselves. Bravo, Ms. Sandberg, and thank you.

I'm Leaning In.
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message 1: by Diana (new) - added it

Diana bravo you! :)

message 2: by Michele (new)

Michele Quinn so i guess i'll check it out after that review.

Tori great review...I'm having trouble fully relating to the memoir portion of this book because it's just so far outside my realm of experience, but your perspective here has helped me connect. I agree with you that this is an important book that brings forth some critical issues and offers a few solutions, and I hope women 10 years younger than me will really benefit from Sandberg's advice and experience.

Shannon Great review & I agree with you. I thought this book was great and important.

Joanna ths is fun to read along with katie Roiphe "In Praise of Messy Lives", and some Brene Brown "daring greatly. I've now read all three and I adore these women, who show us their courage, humour, drive and humanity. me too, am leaning in..

Hanne lovely review! and i want to echo many of your words, including the "Bravo, Ms. Sandberg, and thank you."

message 7: by Pat (new) - rated it 4 stars

Pat Maxwell I agree with you, Hillary. Ms Sandberg's story could resonate in the ears of women on all levels of the working world, if we are open to hearing that we have the potential to understand and change out own behavior as well as struggle with the external obstacles we face as women in human society. How exciting to hear about this bright and witty woman's trip. How hopeful to know that much of the change that we wish for is within our own power to make.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

It was unfortunate how she didn't address singles moms --

message 9: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy Great review!! I just read another one in British Glamour, and it sounds like she has a lot to offer.

It sounds like you do, too!! Best wishes!

message 10: by Becky (new) - added it

Becky Richardson Well this definitely makes me want to read this book. Just added it to my list. Thanks!

message 11: by J (new) - rated it 3 stars

J Great review. I was wondering how other solo mothers viewed this book. I wish that she was able to better address how to lean in when there is no one else to lean on, especially at a time when the demands placed on employees are so inflexible. Despite this I found her message empowering.

Dominique Dunford I totally agree with this review. I also assumed that this book was not for me. In addition to being a single mother, I am also a black woman. I listened to others criticisms regarding her unrealistic hard-charging relentless pursuit of power for power's sake. Then, I realized people must not have read this book. Shame on them and shame on me for assuming.

Sandberg, attempts and successfully explores issues of working single women, working single mothers, stay at home mothers, and working married mothers and eloquently thanks and praises all of the efforts. More importantly she highlights our, women's, need to discontinue separating our efforts by our circumstances. Instead, she encourages a united front where we all acknowledge the different ways women are leaning in with heir current familial situations attached or not. She highlights that feminism was not supposed to make us embarrassed, angry, competitive, and catty. It was supposed to make is supportive of each other and accepting of how we all come to the table.

Don't walk away from this book. It's encouraging. Sandberg makes a good effort at bolstering all women's self esteem. If there's more you want to see done in this effort "Lean In", pull your chair up to the table, but don't push away!

Caryn Excellent review, Hillary, and fantastic comment, Dominique. My circumstances are also very different than Sheryl Sandberg's, yet, I found a LOT of insightful ideas in this book. "Leaning In" doesn't necessarily mean you must reach dizzying heights of global corporate leadership. It can mean a wide variety of things. I think that was inherent in the question "What would you do if you weren't afraid?" I think it should be obvious that few hands would go up for "run a global corporation!" (Um, no, not my bag, Blech! but there ARE things I'd do that I'm not currently doing).

I'm not Sandberg; I have many deficiencies she does not have, I have some strengths that she does not have. I have a very different path. I still got a LOT out of this book that can be applied to MY path and circumstances. A lot of the things the book is about are personal and universal. There are some things that hinder or change my career path - I suppose THAT would be the main concern for a Single Working Mom, so SWM will have to adapt any of these helpful hints, maybe even delay them and SWM's end result may never include flying on the ebay jet or dating in Sao Paolo, but so what? She can still SUCCEED in her own path.
Thanks for your review and comments!

Shawn Hillary, I really liked your review and appreciate where you're coming from. Also, that you got so much out of this book, whether it applied directly to your situation or you could just understand another woman's perspective and take her ideas and apply them to your own. There was much disagreement at my book club which I think is fine, but what they disagreed about is that many of the points in the book weren't applicable to many women. I disagree and agree with you, but we all have our perspectives. Best of luck to you, you seem to be in the right direction!

message 15: by Jewishbozo (new) - added it

Jewishbozo Thats interesting...

message 16: by John (new) - added it

John Adeboye Great!!! The book is highly recommended

Justaposition helpfull review! like it

message 18: by Dj (new)

Dj How to read books on here

message 19: by Dj (new)

Dj How to read books on here

message 20: by Ashenafi (new)

Ashenafi Liben iam from Africa. i read you the book .lam happy . this is fact story. it helps for Africa women.

message 21: by Bronzewaals (new)

Bronzewaals Its really good :)

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